Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Irresistible Goldendoodle

Well, Jeff and I just couldn't resist our irresistible goldendoodle and completely capitulated - we bought Milton a doggie bed for Christmas.  Some lucky, little boy is using it early...


In deciding which bed to buy, I searched all over the Internet and asked for some recommendations.  Originally, I wanted to go with a fancy embroidered one, but for an XL they were pricing at about $80 plus shipping.  That being said, there are some very lovely beds available at both L.L.Bean and Orvis.

Obviously, characteristic Heidi-style, I cheaped out and bought one at Target; however, it is a very nice quality.  Target sells a Boots & Barkley brand that offers a poly insert and covers, with various patterns and designs, for a separate fee.  The cover we selected is fleece on one side, cloth on the other, and machine washable which is a must.  The total cost for this bed rang in at a delectable $31.

Eating in bed

As soon as we assembled the bed and placed it on the ground, Milton climbed right on top and laid down.  He automatically knew that Momma and Daddy bought this for the Milt.  So far he has abstained from chewing this lumpy, marshmallow of comfort, but we will see how long that actually lasts.  Our plan is to never leave him alone with it, so hopefully it will hold out!


  1. We bought a couple of not-too-expensive dog beds for Stanlee that happened to have cedar in them. Stanlee thought they smelled funny so he pee'd all over them. (Thank goodness they were cheap.) However, we can't keep him off the Sertapedic Memory Foam beds we purchased for our older dog; looks like once he's officially done with the crate he will be getting one of his own. Nothing like having eight giant dog beds all over the house! (Gotta have them in all the rooms we hang out in.)

    I'm going to go to Target and check out the bed you pictured above; I like having the option of changing the cover to match holiday decorations..... :-0

  2. Sam and Eddie have the same one. :)

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