Monday, April 28, 2014

Puppy Photo of the Week

Milt Dog still enjoys climbing up onto our furniture, which I will discuss in further detail in an upcoming post...  This time when I "caught" him on our recliner, he was a little wet from the rain; I didn't have the heart to kick him off, so I acted as an accomplice and covered him up with a towel.  We both figured that perhaps with this careful disguise, Daddy Doggie would not notice that the Milt was on the furniture yet again...

Incognito -- just a lump in a chair

Startled from his pleasant nappie

Our dood is such a goof...  Have a fantastic Monday, everyone!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Some Dog!

Recently, I have come across a few pretty adorable doggie videos.  This one I heard about on the news, but essentially it is a boxer who became just a little bit irritated when her owner went shopping for a tad too long and left her all alone in the car.

This boxer, 18-month-old, Fern, is a resident of Scotland, and she blasted on that horn for a straight 15 minutes -- unbelievable!  It is actually a really cute story:  "Bark and Ride." 

My Milton has never even attempted a stunt like Fern's, but every time I do leave him in the car, he ultimately vacates the back seat, and upon return, I find him curled up in the front.  Personally, I think Milt does have big dreams of one day driving Momma's Corolla...!  

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Terrible Twos

On April 7th, our beloved Milton turned TWO!  Yes, two.  It is incredibly difficult to fathom that this little man has been such a major part of our lives for so long.  Did we celebrate with a massive party just like last year -- 24 humans and 13 dogs?  Sadly, no.  Things were kept much more low-key.  We didn't want Milton to expect "spectacular!" for each and every event in his life although our little man does deserve it.

Milton's birthday celebratory night began with a few silly photos of him in his special hat.

Up close - We turned the hat backwards, so you can no longer see the big number "1."

Milton and Daddy

I don't know if you can tell this from the pictures, but Milton hates his special hat.  After Jeff and Milt allotted me my quota of hat photos, we got to the good stuff -- Milt's birthday dessert!

Blue on blue for our boy.

If you read last year's birthday blog post, I know what you are thinking -- What a dinky little cookie -- Obviously, their love for the Milt Dog has waned just a little bit...  Well, this year, we actually did not have quite enough freezer room to support a triple-layer pumpkin, yogurt, peanut butter cake.  Jeff likes to have copious amounts of meat on hand, ready to defrost at his fingertips, and I have a bad habit of freezing every last morsel of food, even if it is one stray chickpea, before it spoils.  Milton might not have disliked the hat, but he certainly liked that cookie.

Eager anticipation...

Wait for it.

A little lick.

Mouthing it.

Milton taking his treat to his secret lair -- the...

living room, where Milton likes to take all his treats, so Momma and Daddy can't get their grimy hands on them!

Milton liked the cookie, but he really liked his present.


Sneaking off to the secret lair once again.

Not one but TWO KONG squeaky balls!

Even Daddy is impressed.

With the gift of two brand new balls to squeak, chase, and chew to Milton's heart's content, immediately following devouring a giant cookie, he upset his tender tummy just a little.

He threw up not once, but

twice, AND the second time was directly on Momma's rug conveniently under the coffee table.

Milt Dog was rather polite, however, and did offer to help (or rather watch...) Daddy Dog clean up.

As you can see, Milt is, indeed, another year older, but we are still just plum wild about that guy!  I often remark to Jeff that I don't know how we ever got along without this big white rat of a roommate.  Here's to many, many, many more years shared with our special dood!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just Right...?

One of Jeff's absolute favorite things to do, especially when I am out of town, is to make a little trip to his preferential store, Costco.  Really, Costco, you might ask?  Yes, Jeff positively adores this mega bulk food store, and I, personally, think it has a tad bit to do with all the free food samples.  It's just a guess, but I think I may be spot-on with that one.

Although Jeff is usually not quite as attune to the needs of Milton as I am, recently he was rather adamant that Milton was in dire need of a new dog bed.  The current one that we had at the foot of our bed was merely a lambs' wool kennel liner with old fleece blankets piled on top.

A trifle sloppy

Judging from Milton's reluctance to lie on it during the day, instead choosing one of his other beds, Jeff concluded that Milt deserved something a little more luxurious.  Hence, the trip to Jeff's favorite store -- Costco.

Well, Jeff returned home with this beauty, and I found the circular shape to be rather unusual and reminiscent of a heart-shaped bed at some cheap Las Vegas dive.  It does, however, make Milton appear somewhat regal as he lies atop it.

Regal -- this guy?!  Just joking...

Though the problem remains that Milton is just too darn big for this round oddity.  I mean if round beds are supposed to be that appealingly comfortable, humans would have them rather than boxy mattresses, and we don't.  Our common joke is that Jeff just did not ask Milton's opinion before he purchased the bed, and even more importantly, Jeff did not measure Milton tail to snout before embarking on his buying spree.  I mean, how silly can you be?

Bottom hanging off

The tail just doesn't quite fit, and we all know how important the tail is.

That darn tail is still causing trouble...

I hate to make this reference yet again, but I simply must -- "Dads are for fun, and moms get it done."  If I had been the one to purchase Milton's new dog bed, you better believe it would have fit him, but then again, it might have been... pink!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Puppy Photo of the Week

Despite the cold, hard fact that our little boy is no longer a puppy (Note the Happy Birthday bandanna -- official birthday post is coming up soon!), Jeff still enjoys hauling Milt Dog up onto his lap for some quality male bonding.

My boys!

Seeing the two of these together does my heart good.  Happy Monday, everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Cadillac of all Rides

Milton loves, let me put a little emphasis on loves, my Toyota Corolla, which until just recently had duct tape holding on the bumper.  My boy, however, thinks his Momma's ride is just as nice as, well, let's say a Maserati Ducati...  It is a proud moment for Milt Dog when Momma drives down the street with his big head, hair slicked back, ears whipping in the wind, poking out the window.  Don't worry -- Milt only gets to act like a hood ornament on local trips; I drive very, very cautiously, of course -- no potholes.  Milton sure is one pleased pup when he is in my ride, but check this lucky dood out:

Daredevil Dood

Goggles to hold his curls back

Our good friend recently snapped this priceless shot while paused at a stoplight if you can't tell.  It is actually a light very close to our house, which is rather exciting because that means Milt Dog has the potential of meeting this gutsy guy someday.  Actually, I better hope that Milt never, ever meets him because if he does, my little Toyota Corolla will plummet from cool to lame in a hot second.  As fun as I think a sidecar is and as much as I love my boy, I just don't think that's how we roll...