Monday, August 20, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

Recently we have had really bad luck with leashes.  We forgot Milton's John Deere leash in Louisiana, and he completely chewed up his retractable leash.  So, I went out to Wal-Mart and bought the Milt an adorable royal blue leash with paw prints on it to match his adorable royal blue collar with paw prints on it -  matchy matchy.  Jeff, on the other hand, ordered Milton a heavy duty chain leash which makes him appear to be the epitome of a Junkyard Dog.

Well, he's not.  Although Milton may look formidable, he is quite the opposite.  Not to embarrass the Milt, but yesterday we ran into a huge German shepherd on the loose.  Milton, being the friend maker that he is, pulled to say hi, but as soon as that strange dog caught sight of us, the dog let out the most terrifying bark.  Milton squealed, wet the sidewalk, and ran into his Momma's arms.  The moral of the story is Milt's a lover not a fighter. 


  1. Maybe Daddy was hoping the Monster Truck Leash would make The Milt feel like a Monster Truck Dog......not so much, I see. But really, wouldn't you rather have that lover? Just look at that face!

    Our pup came running to Mom when a squirrel knocked a small branch from a tree yesterday and it startled him; maybe they're related.

  2. Great pic. Chain leashes help pups remember not to bite their leads. A heavy duty chain leash, on the other hand, is a bit heavy for a pup. I think Milton would do just fine with a smaller gauge lead, but I am glad he looks a little tough.