Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tooth Fairy?

Is there a tooth fairy for dogs?  Well, I certainly hope so because our Milton is losing teeth!  Over the past few weeks, I have been vigilantly checking Milton's mouth with no movement whatsoever.  Then just recently, I noticed a little gap and realized our baby lost a tooth! 

We heard that most pups lose their baby teeth at about four months, so I was beginning to assume our goldendoodle is a late bloomer.   Now this is obviously a watershed moment for our little Milt, although we don't see the lost teeth anywhere.  I am assuming that he is either swallowing the teeth unknowingly, chewing them up, or leaving them stuck in one of his many play toys.  Don't worry - I will keep searching for them in the hopes of getting that boy a special reward from the magical Tooth Fairy.

We were not fast enough to catch a picture of the gap because the new tooth grew in within days, but you can see the doubling up of teeth that is occurring since his baby teeth are not dropping quickly enough.

Does the Milt need braces?

As for teething, Milton has held out on the chewing for the most part.  Daddy's glasses were a big, bad accident, but our furniture, floor boards, cabinets, etc. have remained unscathed thus far, thankfully .

On another note, do dogs need their teeth brushed?  This is an interesting question that we ponder, especially since my Dad was an oral surgeon.  Good dental hygiene was always a top priority in our house.  Most dogs tend to just stick to basic dog food and treats, but when you start throwing in frozen yogurt goodies and baked sweet potato slices, like I have recently, you start to wonder.

We received a free sample brush and toothpaste packet (poultry flavored!) from our vet, so we thought we would give brushing a whirl. 

I guess everything does taste like chicken, even for dogs!

First, we thought we'd better practice with his toy toothbrush.  As my dad always used to say, "Abre la boca," - Open your mouth!

Milton instinctively kept lifting his paw up to grab the brush.

Now here's the real deal:

Miss - got the nose!

We got him that time!

What a good boy for Daddy.

Milton did not seem particularly thrilled with the taste of the paste.  It must not be real chicken...  Will we start brushing Milt's teeth every night before bed?  I think so.  Poor teeth care can develop into a big problem and a costly clean when your dog is older.  We need to keep this doodle in tip top shape and that includes his pearly whites.                                        


  1. You are going to brush Milt's teeth every night?

  2. We try to brush Remington's teeth once a week... on the others days we give him a huge antler to chew on. After 4 years our vet says Remington's teeth are in excellent shape! That sweet Milton is growing so fast! I wish we lived closer to have BIG doodle boy play dates!

  3. Milt looks thrilled having his teeth brushed. LOL

    FYI - if the baby teeth shown do not fall out by the time Milt is 6 or 7 months old you may want to discuss with your vet having them removed. If they don't fall out they could possibly cause infection, gum disease, or any number of issues.