Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dog Shaming

Dog shaming is a witty, new trend I just found out about (I'm always a little out of the loop - a late adopter, you might say).  The basic concept is to "shame your pet," in a comical fashion, after he or she has committed unacceptable behavior by human standards, of course.  The below creative examples are taken from either or Google Images:

If you want to check out the original Dog Shaming site and perhaps share some of your own bad incidents (it could be humorous!), here you go:

We obviously felt we should include our little angel, Milton the Goldendoodle, with his peers:

I wonder what these dogs have to say about us...!  I'm certain Milton has a complaint or two or three about his Momma and Daddy.


  1. I recently discovered this too! Some of these are so funny. I think puppies must love chewing glasses because they are flexible and they smell like their owners.

  2. I go to the dog shame site every day now with my daughter (she a college student so I'm not too bad of a mommy) - I will keep my eyes open for this picture so that I can point and yell "I KNOW THAT PUPPY! THAT'S MILTON!"

  3. Where does Jeff keep his glasses now?

  4. Hopefully on his face or a tall table.

    Also as my brother pointed out, shaming likely started on SNL:

  5. I submitted a photo of Stanlee to dogshaming this morning - let's see if one of us gets lucky.