Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's a Small World After All

A few weeks ago, the Milt and I were on one of our many, many walks throughout our apartment complex.  Characteristic of the two of us, we got in someone's way, and I noticed that this young lady was carrying the same dog food brand that we use.  I apologized for the Milt blocking her staircase, and the conversation went something like this:

            "Oh don't worry; I have a dog too,"  the young lady said.

            "Really?  What kind?"  I asked.

            "A goldendoodle," the young lady answered.

            "Me too!"  I exclaimed.  "Where did you get your goldendoodle?" I politely inquired.

            "Oklahoma," the young lady politely replied.

            "Me too!" I excitedly announced once again.  "Where in Oklahoma?" I furthered question.
            "Stroodles Doodles," the young lady replied.

            "No way!  Me too."

What are the chances of that?  Well, the young lady's name is Lindsay, and her adorable three-month-old doodle's name is Leo.

Cute curly fellow

Although Leo came from Stroodles Doodles, just like our Milton, he does not have the same parents.  Unlike Milt, Leo is a F1b miniature goldendoodle which means his parents are a poodle and a goldendoodle, rather than a poodle and a golden retriever which would create a F1 goldendoodle, like Milt.  He will have much curlier fur, apricot colored, and only grow to about 25 lbs. 

Once I found out about our doodle connection, I insisted on a playdate for the two boys.  See the below picture.

Playful pup

Why is this not a picture of both Leo and Milton playing?  Well, you take a guess...  Our gregarious Milt is still quite goofy and clumsy...  He tends to not realize his own size.  The Milt tried to chase this little six-pounder around a few times and get closely acquainted, but Daddy thought that the Milt might scare his new friend off.  So, we decided to proceed with caution.

Two girls and their guys

 The good news is there will be more playdates in the future.  Now that these two goldendoodles know about each other, there is no keeping them apart.  Milton is very good at maintaining his many friendships, and of course  doodle dogs always stick together.

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  1. You and Leo's Mom kind of look alike even :) Doodle dates are the BEST!