Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Take a close look at the photograph below.  Notice anything different?  Is there something shockingly new about the Milt?  Yes - you go it!  Milton the goldendoodle has a big boy collar on!  Momma and Daddy are so proud. 
I'm a big boy now.

Over the weekend, Milton sadly outgrew his good old blue harness that he has worn all throughout puppyhood.  It was just becoming too difficult to buckle around his big belly.  The section that loops around his neck was still pretty loose.  Strange...

This new collar, product of Wal-Mart, is bedazzled with all of Milton's fancy, new jewelry!  I never knew a dog had to wear so much around his neck to be considered legit.  The Milt is sporting:

1.  Name tag - We bought this tag at Petco and easily had it engraved at a special machine there at no extra cost.  The side pictured below clearly shows his name, so if lost, and his notoriety does not proceed him, people will know he is Milt the goldendoodle.  The back of the tag lists both my cell phone number, along with Jeff's (if per chance one of us does not pick up, changes our number, etc.) and is inscribed with, "We love you."  This is just in case the Milt forgets. 

2.  Rabies tag - All dogs are required to wear their rabies tag that tells where they were vaccinated and the year.  While navigating the streets, I have never been stopped by a police officer demanding to see our dog's tags but better safe than sorry.  Milt's tag is in the shape of Texas because as I have learned, Texans love their state an awful lot. 

3.  Microchip tag - Imprinted on this cute, yellow house is the microchip company's phone number (Home Again) and Milton's identification number for a safe return.


4.  City of Dallas dog license tag - Sometime soon Milton will need this tag, so he is legal to roam the streets.  Every dog over four months of age is required to wear one.  We are holding out on ordering the tag though because it costs $30 if your dog is still intact (not spayed or neutered) and only $7 otherwise.  Not having this tag yet has posed a bit of a problem in taking Milt to our local dog park, but we are currently planning to neuter the Milt at six months, so it is not too far off in the distance.

Does the Milt like all this "stuff" hanging around his neck?  No, not really.  He tirelessly tries to bite his man jewelry off at every chance he gets.  We keep them on there though because a bejeweled goldendoodle is a safe goldendoodle.  Besides that, we can hear him coming - jingle, jangle.

He's a persistent little fellow.


  1. Hims is so handsome! Our Dood doesn't mind his doolrey but he's chewed off the bling from the collar of his big brother.

  2. They have a thing called quiet spot that holds the tags and keeps them from jingling. I personally like the constant reminder of where Copley is especially now that he's burying bones in our bed.