Monday, September 22, 2014


Yesterday Jeff, Milt, and I took a stroll to a local restaurant, Vagabond, for a late brunch.  Truth be told, we received a door hanger, with a spectacular buy one entree get one free deal, advertising them, so I thought what the heck?  Let's go!  Despite the 90+ degree heat, we had a lovely brunch even though poor Milt panted throughout the majority of it.  I suppose, like usual, he was lucky to be included rather than left to guard at home.  What I realized is eggs Benedict is much too runny for me -- never again.

On the long (according to Jeff) walk home, we heard a snap, Jeff said a choice word, and that was that -- His flip flop flip flopped for the last time ever.  For the remainder of our march, Jeff walked barefoot throughout the Dallas city streets, oddly enough, placing him in solidarity with the Milt.  I think our goldendoodle was happy that his Daddy Dog could finally experience just how toasty these city sidewalks can really get.  Those two did make a cute pair of shoeless guys.

Paws padding along

I actually just received the Amazon confirmation that Jeff ordered a brand new set of Rainbows for himself, based on my recommendation.  They are a pricier pair of flip flops, but in this Texas heat, we do tend to wear them quite frequently.  Despite the pumpkin and mum displays on many front porches, I don't think fall is going to descend on Dallas any time soon...  I'm just fine with that though; it's still really nice and easy to throw on a summer dress with flip flops for most every occasion!  Milt, however, would like the heat to finally ease up a bit.  It has been affecting his ball game just a little bit.  Soon enough, I suppose.