Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Dollop of Appreciation

My yoga studio, Uptown Yoga, recently posted a version of the below Winnie the Pooh sketch on Facebook:

The drawing and message greatly reminded me of our goldendoodle, and I am certain many of you with a dog can relate.  Each morning when Milton wakes up, he is thoroughly pleased to be here again.  He walks out of his crate, resplendent with bed head, and completely excited to begin the day.  Milt is never in a sour, grumpy mood but always excited for what the new day has to hold - doggie daycare, a long walk, fetch practice at the creek, etc...

Example:  The Milt happy as a clam with his new found stick from outside - simple pleasures.

"Love Life" is just one of the many lessons that Jeff and I have learned from the Milt.  We are working on emulating him a bit more every day.

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