Monday, September 22, 2014


Yesterday Jeff, Milt, and I took a stroll to a local restaurant, Vagabond, for a late brunch.  Truth be told, we received a door hanger, with a spectacular buy one entree get one free deal, advertising them, so I thought what the heck?  Let's go!  Despite the 90+ degree heat, we had a lovely brunch even though poor Milt panted throughout the majority of it.  I suppose, like usual, he was lucky to be included rather than left to guard at home.  What I realized is eggs Benedict is much too runny for me -- never again.

On the long (according to Jeff) walk home, we heard a snap, Jeff said a choice word, and that was that -- His flip flop flip flopped for the last time ever.  For the remainder of our march, Jeff walked barefoot throughout the Dallas city streets, oddly enough, placing him in solidarity with the Milt.  I think our goldendoodle was happy that his Daddy Dog could finally experience just how toasty these city sidewalks can really get.  Those two did make a cute pair of shoeless guys.

Paws padding along

I actually just received the Amazon confirmation that Jeff ordered a brand new set of Rainbows for himself, based on my recommendation.  They are a pricier pair of flip flops, but in this Texas heat, we do tend to wear them quite frequently.  Despite the pumpkin and mum displays on many front porches, I don't think fall is going to descend on Dallas any time soon...  I'm just fine with that though; it's still really nice and easy to throw on a summer dress with flip flops for most every occasion!  Milt, however, would like the heat to finally ease up a bit.  It has been affecting his ball game just a little bit.  Soon enough, I suppose.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Doodle Pride

All moms are exceedingly proud of their kids.  Doodle moms are no different.  We are actually far worse because our kids are furry, and we know no shame, only pride.  It may seem strange to some but blissfully beautiful to others.  That's why when a close family friend, Rita, recently mailed us the below bumper magnet, I was just a little excited.  I mean, the magnet says it all:

Nice, right?

Rita bought the magnet at the New York State Fair, and she just knew that it was the perfect fit for this doodle crazed mom.  I initially placed the magnet on Jeff's car, but he was unappreciative, and he, quite frankly, threatened to throw it out.  Way to look a gift horse in the mouth, Jeff.  So now, I am sporting both the magnet and my customary rear window sticker:

the original

My Toyota Corolla is now tricked out to the max, and Milt and I are rockin' it all over these Dallas highways.  The one conundrum is that the magnet, unlike the sticker, can be easily removed.  That leaves it wide open to the possibility of theft.  Thankfully, so far so good though.  Let's hope our luck holds out.  Nobody wants to mess with a dood mom, especially this one -- Milton's Momma.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Puppy Photo of the Week

This goldendoodle is all grown up and would much rather prefer to sleep on the couch at night than in his Momma and Daddy's room...

Milton likes to get a good stretch in whenever possible.

Quite often, Milton begins the evening in our room and then wakes up for a mid-night potty break.  He seems to forget to do that at the end of the night when we let him out...!  Then when the Milt Dog comes back inside, he bypasses our bedroom and ambles up to the living room to set up camp on our couch.  Go figure...  Well, I suppose we can't blame him.  He is kind of the top dog around here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day was for Laboring

When I was a kid, Labor Day always heralded the end of summer.  It was the final long weekend before the inevitable return to school.  There were always, of course, a few exciting things to look forward to -- shiny, new school shoes, colorful backpacks, and a fresh class schedule with a cheerful teacher.  It wasn't all doom and gloom; rather, those first few days were actually not half bad!

Now that I live in Texas, and I, myself, am a teacher, I am still a part of the predictable school year cycle, and I like it an awful lot.  I really do crave routine.  That being said, school has already been in session here since August 21st, which is hard to believe, so Labor Day, for me, has gradually morphed into an ordinary three-day weekend filled with distant memories of anticipation.

This year to celebrate Labor Day, here in the South, Jeff, Milton the Goldendoodle, and I drove to Louisiana to help Momeaux and Pop, Jeff's parents, make their recently purchased golden years home ready for move in!  I, in particular, am a bit sad that Momeaux and Pop are leaving their current town because they have the absolute best po boy shop around, but their new house does have a certain allure to it -- pond, pecan trees, pool, fruit trees -- that do, in fact, overshadow even a heap of the very best fried oysters!  Jeff and I, truly, couldn't be happier for Momeaux and Pop; if anyone deserves a thick slice of happiness way out in the country, it's these two. Our little family was more than happy to dirty up our clothes to help them realize their bucolic dream.

Painting brought back fond memories...

The boys just watched for the most part; well, I suppose not being underfoot is a bit of a help.

Testing the waters

Just right -- The pool has an amazing tropical feel; I think the banana leaves at the far end really up the ambiance.

Quite the spot!

I hate to say it, but as much as I like city life, I got to missing the country life after we returned from our weekend jaunt.  Nevertheless, I do like to think that the next best thing to having your own pool and property is to know someone who does, and I seriously doubt that Momeaux and Pop will ever object to us visiting them, especially since we have their grandpuppy!  I wish them the very, very best.