Thursday, August 29, 2013

Momma and Daddy's Little Helper

Milt likes to help out here and there, basically wherever he can.  I was a little surprised that he snuggled up with all the clean laundry.  He generally prefers smellier, messier things. 

Towels for pillows

We couldn't ask for a better little helper...!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Despite Milton's young age, his notoriety has already far surpassed both mine and Jeff's.  I mean our goldendoodle has his very own blog, AND he was just recently featured on The Dallas Morning News website.  What more could a dog ask for?

To view the full article, click here:

However, as Jeff does like to point out, who is that pale body holding a tennis ball in the background of this photo?  He must be pretty important too...!

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Dollop of Humor!

Ok, well,  I loved the Mesquite Doggie Splash Day so much (Milt did too!) that I persuaded Jeff to join us at another one in Rowlett that Sunday.  This time I nabbed my SLR camera, and I got busy taking shots of our goldendoodle in mid-leap springing into the pool.  I now have a smorgasbord of fantastic photos, and I think I might just have to add another framed picture to my Wall of Milton. 

Our favorite shot of the day -- Superman!


Blue skies, green trees -- summer in Texas

Can you spot Milton?  He loves to join other people's games of fetch.

See -- Milt's at it again!

Milt and I floated (swept!) down this "lazy" river -- He was not a fan.

 All sorts of dogs turned out for some fun!

Big boy

Labs sure love their water!
Floating away on a turtle

The below scene happened time after time after time again.  It never got too old for Jeff and me to stop snapping shots!

On your mark...

Get set...



Proud return

Hauling out

Jeff and I are seriously becoming addicted to these splash days -- the next one on the docket is Saturday, September 7th, in the town of Rockwall this time.  Quite frankly, if your town does not participate in events like these, I think there is no harm done in suggesting they do.  Dogs gone wild is certainly a fun way to close a successful swimming pool's summer season!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doggie Splash Days!

Milt and I are regulars at Michaels primarily because I always have 40% off coupons, and, more importantly, dogs are allowed inside.  Well, one cashier, Kim, is just wild about my Milton, and she always coos over him and ushers us through to her line.  During one of our many conversations, Kim told me about Doggie Splash Days in the Dallas-area.  What exactly is a Doggie Splash Day?  Many towns will close their pools at the end of the summer season, and when they do, they allocate one final day for the dogs to get wet and wild.  When I heard about this opportunity to swim alongside Milton the Goldendoodle in a pool with about 50 other dogs, I was pretty darn excited.  This might not sound like a good time to the majority of people out there, but to me, this is the perfect way to spend the dog days of summer.

Saturday morning Milt and I hopped in the car to drive over to the neighboring town of Mesquite that was sponsoring such an event.  The premise is simple -- $5/person and dog, $2 for each additional person, and the dog must be wearing an updated rabies tag.  As we pulled into the event, where there was not only a pool but a legitimate mini-water park, the place was absolutely hopping.  Milt is still a poor walker, and both of my wrists were sore that afternoon.  After we waited patiently (actually not too patiently) while I signed us in and paid, I unleashed our goldendoodle, and he careened off into a magical doggie wonderland.

Pretty cute!

The pool has gone to the dogs!

Quite literally.

Milt got off to a running start!

One of the many fun contests

A couple of the judges
This Doggie Splash Day did offer a few contests -- Dog Paddle Race, Diving Competition, and Best Swimsuit.  Milt and I ran over (I actually nabbed Milt and dragged him over.) to enter him for the paddle, but that was actually a major flop.  You see, I went to the event alone because Jeff was working, so it was a bit hard to coordinate holding the squirming Milton while lugging my backpack with keys, wallet, etc. and trying not to fall on the slippery pavement.  For this race, most owners hopped right in the water to coax their dog to swim the length of the pool, but I, instead, just walked to the other end and called Milt's name.  My poor boy was too scared to jump in, and he just dodged the volunteers and skirted around the
Safety first, of course!
poolside to reach me.  I suppose he  accomplished the ultimate goal, but he just didn't swim!

That's why we missed out on one of these beauties!

Pretty fancy

Well, regardless, the main point of the day was to swim, not compete, and that is just what Milt did an awful lot of, sometimes alongside of me!

Always with that darn tennis ball!

Tables were placed to aid getting in and out of the deep end

We did switch up the tennis ball a little bit though.

Sometimes Milt Dog even shared.

Just a little bit...

We picked up some swag to bring home too!


I wish I had better photos from this event, but I brought my point-and-shoot camera rather than the SLR due to the water and dog activity!  I especially felt like a parent there because half the time I did not even know where Milton was, and the other half he was blatantly ignoring me.  Next summer, I am keying all the Doggie Splash Days into our calendar early on because they are way too much fun for not only Milt the Goldendoodle but Jeff and me too!

Friday, August 16, 2013


On Milton's frequent jaunts to the local park, with Jeff in tow, he likes to play ball -- lots and lots of ball!  That's his passion.  I think Jeff's enthusiasm got our goldendoodle hooked on retrieving, but he swears it was me in Milt's early training days when I used to roll a ball back and forth countless times in our apartment.  Regardless, Milt is one happy, happy boy when his mouth is stuffed full of a bright yellow tennis ball.  Now, here's the kicker.  At our local park, there is a certain fruit that looks mysteriously similar to a standard tennis ball, only a bit larger with a distinctive texture.

Don't be fooled!

Look closely.  As you can, it is quite easy to be tricked into thinking that is a regular old ball.  You can only imagine how confusing fetching must get for the Milt Dog with these peculiar fruits littered about in the grass.  This particular fruit actually goes by the name of maclura pomifera, or simply put "hedge or horse apple," which I think is kind of cute.  As Milton took a bite out of one, my immediate concern was if it was poisonous.  Thank goodness, no, but I guess they are a choking hazard in cattle.  Go figure.   These fruits actually are believed to ward off common pests, like insects and spiders, when placed about the house, or they can be used as a decorative piece in an arrangement.  I actually might try both of those options out.

Reclined hydrating after a little ball playing

Milt's not easily distracted.

He always keeps his eyes on the prize.

Well, if you ever see one of these fruits out and about, now you know what it is.  To read more just visit Wikipedia, of course:  Quite remarkable.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puppy Photos of the Week

I am not terribly cultured when it comes to cinema, but one of my favorite movie lines is, "Fat guy in a little coat."  Where's that from?  You probably know it too if you grew up in the 90s.  That's right -- Tommy Boy -- with the talented, sadly deceased, Chris Farley, and the still vibrant, David Spade.  The background around that line is the hefty Farley squeezes into the petite Spade's suit jacket in order to annoy him, which it ultimately does.  Well, this funny quote came to me recently while Milt and I were at the dog park.

Big dog in a little pool

That same line came to mind too when Milt brought this treasure home.

Small dog and a giant piece of lumber

That Milt Dog sure does make me laugh.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Milton's Latest Accessory!

A few weeks ago, Jeff's Aunt Carol (I actually have an Aunt Carol too!) invited me to a Thirty-One party at her house.  I was completely unaware of this particular home consulting business, but I had been to other parties, such as Longaberger, baskets, and Lia Sophia, jewelry, when I was younger.  Thirty-One sells all different sorts of bags, in countless patterns, for everyday use at the pool, in the grocery store, or while at work.  The company is actually faith-based and named after the Bible verse Proverbs 31 which basically states how to be a good woman, especially to a husband.  Perhaps I should re-read that one...

Well, at this party, I shared in brunch, played games, and learned all about these bags.  When the time came to fully commit and order, I was still uncertain whether or not I was really in need of a new tote.  Then I happened upon a cute little cosmetic bag that could be embroidered as well.  Although I already have a vacation pouch, I figured that Milton could use a little overnight case to go in his travel backpack.  I was actually quite pleased with how my little design turned out.

It's Momma, decked out in her swimming gear, and Milton!

If you have a hankering to purchase one of these for your dog (or you!), check out Thirty-One's website:  This bag was actually a steal at only $12 plus shipping.  I think Milton the Goldendoodle just got a bit more stylish.

Happy, Happy Friday to all of you!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Separation Anxiety

Well, I've been busy traveling again; this time I took a brief jaunt to Central New York visiting my mom and family.  School starts up next week, and I needed a little time swimming and sunbathing on Owasco Lake to really call it a summer.  Unfortunately, the Milt did not join me because the 25-hour road trip last year nearly killed me.

What was the boy to do?  Our goldendoodle stayed home with his Daddy Dog.  Just to make one thing clear, I am the primary caretaker of our pup.  Jeff helps as best he can, but I'm Milton's Momma.  One might go so far as to say, "Dads are for fun, and Moms get it done."  Jeff prefers to teach tricks and play tennis ball with the Milt, fun but not imperative pastimes, while I am more concerned with walking Milt twice daily, purchasing his heart worm pill, and assuring he does not run out of canned pumpkin for his treats.  My husband and I have very different priorities.

My confidence with Jeff's fathering capabilities is generally strong, but the night before I flew out, he rattled my assurance just a tinge.  Picture this:  I am sitting in the dining room working away on my laptop.  Jeff is reclining in the living room playing an all-consuming video game while Milton busies himself playing on the rug.  I suddenly hear an annoying rustling noise, coming from the living room, that sounds strangely similar to a candy bar wrapper.  Of course, I go back to my work because Jeff is in there with Milt under his watch.  Once again I hear the same irritating noise, and I hop up to investigate.  Mister Milton is sprawled out on the living room rug, very close to Jeff's inclined feet, munching on a chocolate protein bar wrapper.  Hmm.  Jeff was oblivious while my boy could have been poisoned.  No, no.  My confidence in my husband is faltering.  Upon taking said wrapper away, Milt immediately lumbers over to Jeff's briefcase, carelessly strewn on the floor, and he pokes his head back in again to see what else he can find.  Jeff acknowledges that there was probably only about a quarter left of that bar when Milton got to it.  Nothing to worry about...  Yes.  My confidence in Jeff's parenting skills was ever so slightly destroyed.

Thankfully, after my four-day stint away, I am back in Dallas, and all is well now.  It was quite obvious that Milton missed his Momma as I was covered in kisses on the drive home from the airport.  Now, our goldendoodle does not want to let me out of his sight.  This includes nestling next to my feet in a tiny laundry room next to the hot, hot dryer while I tend to our clothes.

Spending quality time with Momma - Milt might be slightly wistful wondering why all of my swimsuits are on the drying rack when he hadn't swam with me once.

I am not quite certain what went on while I was away, but so far, despite Jeff's lack of doggie care skills, Milt appears to be happy and healthy.  Thank goodness.  On that note, I think it is simply best if Milt joins me in New York next summer.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Dollop of Humor

This is the type of crackerjack job our guard dog is doing:


Milt seems to think that his ferocious barking has taken a bite out of crime, so now he can relax on the job.  Note the tennis ball by his nose and the subtle chew marks on our window frame.  At least our goldendoodle's contorted appearance might scare people as they approach the door.

Happy Friday, everyone!