Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toy Hospital

As of late, our Milt has taken to chewing his toys very enthusiastically.  He loves all of them an awful lot, but with the amount he chews, they are unlikely to survive past his first birthday.  He hasn't decimated any just yet, but I feel like we are playing with fire.  See the wounded toys below:

So sad

While in Louisiana a few weekends ago, by the urging of Jeff, Jeff's mother taught me how to sew.   I'm not doing any fancy cross stitching or embroidery, but just the simple, old one-two, in-and-out stitch.  So, the Milt put me to work on a few of his favorites. 

Sewing into the wee hours of the night

Every time I would finish one, I would drop it down to the Milt who was amazed that this lost toy surfaced again.

Our boy likes his football

Toys don't always give Milton the satisfaction he so desires.  He has moved on from mere child's play to bigger and better things:

Hanging by a thread

Jeff, the main tailor in our family, stitched this one back into working order.  For a little back story, on Saturday evening, when I was otherwise disposed, Jeff took the Milt on a man date to Starbucks.  My dear husband did not watch Milton closely enough and the chewed up leash incident occurred.  Jeff swears the Milt was super stealth, and the tear happened instantaneously, but I can easily concoct another version of the same story.

For now, he obviously needs a leash, but we will retire the plush toys unless we are actively supervising the Milt while he plays with them.  Too bad - I still love the sock monkey pair.

The icing on the cake, after my coffee machine broke this morning (which does not make for a very happy or productive start to the day), is Milton gnawed on Daddy's glasses.  If you want to know the honest to goodness truth, this is the second time this has occurred.  The first time I just thought it was an accident, but I now see a subtle pattern developing. 

When Milton snatches Jeff's glasses, they are obviously not on Jeff's face at the time, but we always have a heated disagreement over where they were left.  I insist they were irresponsibly lying on on the floor, while Jeff maintains that Milton grabs from low lying tables.  Regardless, the last time this pair was under warranty, hopefully this is still the case.  

The most shocking part of all this destruction is the Milt has yet to begun teething!  He is still holding on to each and every precious baby tooth.  I suppose we can wager that, "The best is yet to come."


  1. I stopped getting Hops stuffed toys around 5 months old because $5 got destroyed in under 15 minutes. It's going to get really bad when the adult teeth come in!

  2. I just did some nursing at the doggie hospital and thought of you. Of course it was his favorite so I had to sneak it upstairs.