Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yogi Dood

When I first moved to Dallas, despite having Jeff, my future husband at the time, I was quite lonely living by myself in a brand new city.  That was until I joined Uptown Yoga, a fantastic local yoga studio, and began to devote my time to all of the miraculous benefits of yoga: flexibility, balance, calm mind, strong core, etc., etc., etc.!

Last night I brought my mat inside from the car, to practice my headstand, and somebody began pawing and circling on it to make a bed for himself.  It was a rather flat mattress, but Milton scratched at it until he had just the right amount of satisfactory wrinkles to rest his tired body after a long day of daycare.

Highly content with his new find

Out for the night

I think by today Milton will have realized how terribly hard and uncomfortable this stiff mat is and will forgo it for one of his other fluffier beds.  Milt does, however, like to lick my face while I try to push up into headstand, so I think we may be sharing this mat at least for a little bit. 

Have a beautiful day, everyone!