Friday, August 29, 2014


It happened.  It really happened.  I finally got to meet the, the Nelson the Goldendoodle on Tuesday evening at Mutts Canine Cantina's National Dog Day Celebration!  Wow, it was like a dream come true.  Prior to that night, I was always scouring the roads to see if I could catch a glimpse of the handsome dood zooming around in his own personal Vespa sidecar.  Nope, no luck, but now I can finally say that I have met him -- Nelson!  He really is the Dood of Dallas.

Who can resist a dood in a bow tie?

Milton, of course, met him too, but, unfortunately, as luck would have it, my phone camera was on the fritz, and to make matters worse, it is my brand new phone...!  Oh, well.  It was still an evening to remember, and at least I was able to skim some prime photos off Mutt's Facebook page.

Photo shoot

Nelson rolling in on the red carpet!

Nelson and his momma

What a good looking fam!

The very best part of the evening was that when I introduced myself to Nelson and his parents, Genesis, the mom, remarked that she had seen my blog before!  What a tremendous compliment for me...!  The night was much too short, and I am hopeful for the possibility of a doodle date with Nelson and his brand new brother, Walter the Wolfhound, sometime in the fall.  Goodness knows, I want another dog now more than ever!

If you want to know more about Nelson, the Vespa riding dood, definitely check out this recent USA Today video: Sidekick Dog Rocks Sidecar Like a Superstar and this one in D Magazine: Meet Nelson, the Coolest Dog in Dallas. You can also follow Nelson on Instagram: @nelsonthegoldendoodle and his brother, Walter the Wolfhound: @walterthewolfhound.  Well, heck, don't forget to follow me too: @milton_the_goldendoodle!

National Dog Day certainly was memorable, and after meeting Genesis, Nelson's momma, it feels good to know that I am not the only one who takes the dog mom status quite seriously!  Oftentimes, I observe a bit of  head shaking, eye rolling too, when people see how wild Jeff and I are over our baby, the big fur baby -- the Milt Dog. Well, human babies are certainly adorable, but I still think that fur babies are the very best kind.  Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big Night

I'm SO excited.  Tonight is a big night for me.  First of all, it is Parents' Night, which actually makes me more nervous than excited, but I am certain it will go just fine.  Actually, the main reason I am excited is for after Parents' Night because Jeff, Milt, and I are going to meet this guy:

Doodle in a sidecar!  

Yes, we are going to meet local celebrity Nelson the Goldendoodle, the dood who cruises all over town in his own personal sidecar attached to his parents' Vespa.  How cool is that?!  I don't know who is looking forward to this more -- Milt or me!

If you are interested in meeting this handsome fellow too, here are the details on the big event:

Nelson + $1 hot dogs -- unbelievable!

It is certain to be a good time.  I do have to admit, however, that Jeff and I do share a bit of jealousy over Nelson's incredible Instagram fame!  We only wish my blog was about half as popular, but then again, we don't have a sidecar...!  I mean how can we possibly top that?!  Undoubtedly, the next best thing to owning our own sidecar is to be friends with someone who does -- Nelson.  We'll let you know how tonight goes.
Hopefully, Milt and Nelson hit it off...!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Doggie Splash Days!

Last weekend was quite eventful for our little family!  Once a year, sadly only once per year, the Dallas area pools close for the summer season, and on the magical day following, the pools are opened up for all of our canine friends -- Doggie Splash Days!  Way back in July, I started researching the best splash days to attend, and I decided on Mesquite and Rowlett, the same two that we attended last year because I liked them so much.  At a price of $5/dog, $1/human at Mesquite and only a flat rate of $5/dog at Rowlett, you simply can't beat it!  Milt has an absolute ball every year, and Jeff and I get in on a lot of the fun as well. Below are the photos from both days; Saturday we attended Mesquite's event, and Sunday was Rowlett's.

Let's begin with a win -- Milton won first place in the doggie diving contest in Mesquite -- my heart was just busting with pride!  It's kind of sad, but I tend to live vicariously through my very athletic goldendoodle.  As I have never won anything in a sporting competition and because I was cut from two sports teams, I kind of felt like it was me sitting up there with Milton.  I mean Grand Nan and I did practice that ball throwing with him all summer long.  It wasn't just a trip up North to visit Grand Nan; it was really a secret training trip too...!

First place!

Initially, it took a lot of prompting for Milt to jump off the high diving block.

He got after it though!

As soon as we saw Milt's score, we knew he had it in the bag!

I actually think a big reason why Milt won was due to the announcer who immediately said after Milt's jump, "Wow, that was a lot of distance!"  That could have had a little bit of an effect on the scoring...

Milt was wondering why it wasn't gold...!  Last year they had trophies, and I was a bit disappointed because I would have given a trophy a very prominent place in our house.

After the diving contest, one of the event planners asked if she could strap a GoPro camera on to Milt to record his jumping.  That, to me, was just super cool.

Looking professional

Clawing his way out

We decided not to participate in the doggie paddle contest because we wanted to let somebody else have a chance to win... ha! Our goldendoodle is actually not the most graceful swimmer, so I doubt he would have won that one.  Another contest that we didn't participate in was the swimsuit contest.  Next year maybe we will plan ahead and come prepared with some sort of fashion ensemble.

The winner!

A lot of these events will feature dog vendors, and we picked up some good swag -- treats, a plush squeaky toy whale, and a couple of plastic tops to place over an open can, which I was actually quite excited about.


Our best free item, yes, free, was a Martha Stewart brand life jacket!  I was thrilled to grab it because all summer long I wanted to purchase Milt a jacket for boating and sailing purposes because despite being a fantastic swimmer, if our boat was ever to go down, I don't know if he would have the stamina to swim all the way in from the middle of the lake.  Life jackets can be quite pricey, so this was really a good find!

I think the diving champ was slightly embarrassed to wear a life jacket.

Of course, playing fetch is Milt's passion, but playing fetch in the water is even better!

Patiently waiting to jump!

Halfway there


Like last year, there were tables in the water to aid the dogs in getting out.

The best part about Doggie Splash Days is that you get to see all sorts of owners who are just incredibly excited to be out and about swimming with their family, the dogs.

Owner and sibling dogs during the paddling contest

A reluctant jumper

The scene

Here is the YouTube link to a video that Jessica, the marketing specialist, at the City of Mesquite put together: DoggieSplashDay14.  Milt's GoPro bit is included in this.  Jessica also informed us that Milt was featured in the Mesquite newspaper as well; I have yet to see the article.  This Doggie Splash Day is an annual event, so definitely think about attending next August!  

On Sunday, it was a downpour all morning long, but, thankfully, it finally brightened up in the afternoon, so we could attend Rowlett's Doggie Splash Day too!  Two splash days back to back is a lot to handle, but we loved every minute of each.

Getting ready for the pitch



Those previous two pictures were the ones that a photographer snapped for Milt's Dallas News feature.

Sometimes Milt gets a little impatient while waiting for the toss.

Momma Dog even got in on the action at this one; she was getting tired of snapping all the shots!

Milton, if you didn't know or hadn't guessed, is a big fat ball hog.  Jeff and I need to play with him at these events because otherwise, if we slack off for even a minute, he is crashing somebody else's game of fetch.  He's some doodle dog, that one. 

Ball thief

Daddy and dog

Rowlett's day is held at an actually splash park.

Fun for all!

Quite a lot of characters show up for these events.  I finally was a little more bold in asking to take photos of other people's four-legged pals.

Little known fact -- When we were thinking about buying a dog, my first choice was a basset hound!  Jeff thought they were too short and stubby to run...

A golden in a rash guard

A life jacket for a white beast


Teeny tiny swim trunks!

A lion

It really was quite the weekend.  Here is a little video - Goldendoodle Splashing! -  of Milton hopping about!

I suppose this is why they call it Doggie Splash Days:


Until next year...  Mark your calendars now!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Snuggle Monsters

Jeff and I have a running joke that our Milton is such an independent individual, unlike your typical loyal pup, that he could be happy living with just about anybody, as long as that person is capable of throwing a tennis ball.  This fact doesn't make us feel too good, but it is a fact.  Our goldendoodle just doesn't have an awful lot of family allegiance which at times can sting, but we do admire his self-sufficiency.  I would say that we are a bit more dependent on Milton for love than he is on us!

Although we are beginning to notice that as Milton ages (He is now just about 2.5 years old.), he is becoming consistently more cuddly.  Our goldendoodle has never been an under your feet, by your side, lap dog type of guy, but he is a lot more willing to sidle up to us now more than ever.  I suppose the Milt is growing fonder of us because he is beginning to realize that we are it -- his forever family.

Over the weekend, I snapped these shots of Milt and Jeff.  As you know, we don't generally allow Milton on the bed, but he just felt the need to nuzzle up to Daddy Dog while Daddy was taking an itty bitty nap on a Sunday afternoon.

My boys

Sleeping beauties

Jeff caught on to my snappy photo snapping.

Well, we certainly enjoy having that Milt Dog around.  Sometimes I just don't know what Jeff and I would talk about, bond over, if it wasn't for our little love -- the dood.  Have an enjoyable weekend, everyone!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


I have to admit; I am a bit of a snob.  No, really I mean it.  Honest.  When it comes to lakes, I like mine to be naturally formed and swimmable.  Is that really asking too much?  The lake to visit in Dallas -- White Rock Lake -- is neither.  Truthfully, it's a tease.  Seriously.  You drive to a beautiful lake on a steamy 100 degree day just dying to take a little dip, but absolutely nobody swims in the lake.  Odd?  Yes.  People sail, kayak, and paddle board, but splashing about is just not done unless you're a dog.  I suppose our goldendoodle is just not quite as critical as I am.   

Goldendoodle amongst the weeds

Happy as a clam

Drying off, of course.  How else?

Someday.  Someday, hopefully soon, Jeff and I, Milt too, will have our own pool.  Well, maybe not that soon.  Perhaps I should just channel all my energy into producing some positive energy.  Why, yes.  I will give that a try.  Milt Dog seems to do a pretty good job of that!  There's always something worthwhile to learn from a dog.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Milton Made the News!

Our goldendoodle is a local celebrity!  Yesterday Milton was featured on the Life section of the Dallas News website with his picture as the opening shot for a slideshow of photos on Rowlett's Pooch Plunge, a doggie splash day.  We took this screen shot because Milt was sharing web space with... Rick Perry of all people!

Below are Milton's two hit pics, or you can view them directly here:  "Splash! Pups Have a Pool Party at Rowlett's Pool Plunge".

Geronimoooo! (Note Jeff's legs and mine too in the background!)


The funny part about these pictures is that as soon as we arrived at the splash day, a photographer honed in on Milt's jumping and started taking lots and lots of up close snapshots with a super long lens.  When the photographer was done with his shots, he completely bypassed me, the mother, and went directly to Jeff to get the stats on Milt.  Jeff was all too happy to provide his own name, only his, as Milton's owner, along with Milt's name and breed.  Not once was there a mere mention of his wife, me, who was standing no less than five feet away.  I guess Jeff just forgot about the mother of his dood when all that fame went to his head...!  Jeff, Milt's got the talent; we're just his ride.

Well, Milton the Goldendoodle has certainly surpassed his Momma in his celebrity status.  I'm just fine with that though; being part of Milt's entourage is not too bad of a deal.  He always manages to keep it real -- a couple of tennis balls and some water -- living the high life.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Naked Mole Rat

Once, a very long time ago, I read a book entitled Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems.  It is a children's book centered on conformity, or rather non-conformity (my preference!), where one of the naked mole rats, Wilburs, bucks the status quo and begins wearing clothes unlike his bare skinned peers.  After reading the book, not only did I admire the overall theme, but the idea of an animal, so comically and aptly named naked mole rat just stuck with me, and I frequently use this strange animal to describe a vast variety of things.

Case in point, when we arrived back home to Dallas, and that excruciating 100 degree heat engulfed our goldendoodle on our very first walk, I immediately asked Jeff to shave the Milt down.  Jeff asked how short, and I adamantly replied, "As short as possible."  Upon conclusion of the sheering, the first words that popped into my head were naked mole rat.

Super short

To me, naked mole rat is synonymous with ugly.  When your close friends, who also just so happen to have doodles, ask you if you meant to cut him like that, you know it is bad.  This picture was actually taken after a week of growth, so you can really only imagine how bad the initial cut was.  It honestly hurt my eyes to look at my boy because he just looked so sickly, like he was in pain, with patches of pink translucent skin popping through his pale coat.

As for Milt, I really do think that he is much happier and cooler with his brand new haircut.  There is a certain pep in his step and skip in his jump that was not normally present on our marches through the heat, but then again, Milt can't really look too closely at himself in a mirror!  It did, however, buoy my spirits a bit when I took him for a walk at a local lake and three different people approached me with questions about what type of dog, scattered with compliments, and requests to pet him.  Maybe I just don't get beauty...

Regardless, Milton's our goldendoodle whether he looks like a goldendoodle or not, and we still love him despite that uncharacteristic lack of curls!

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