Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swamp Dog

This past weekend, we thought it was time for Milton to meet his other set of grandparents, Momeaux and Pop.  Once again we plopped Milton into the car (he likes it now!) for another short jaunt, only 4.5 hours, to Louisiana.  Jeff's parents own a beautiful piece of recreational property complete with woods and a slough (swamp) nearby to their year-round home.  On our last family trip to New York, Milton snubbed his nose at sparkling lake water, but now back down in the deep South he seems to enjoy the water, especially if it is tinged green. 

All weekend the temperature hovered around 100 with an added dose of humidity.

At first, Milton was quite tuckered out from the heat, but then he discovered the magical slough. We didn't encourage Milton to hop into the swamp; it was more of a disappearing act, and that is where he turned up! After some deliberating over whether or not he could catch some sort of infection (my childhood dog, Brutus, contracted a bad case of Staph from our pond), we decided to leave him in there.  This goldendoodle had an absolute ball!

The Milt sniffing around.

Milton chasing down frogs.
Those gangly legs sure do gallop along.  Milt is still in his clumsy puppy stage.  We don't anticipate him losing his goofiness any time soon.

Hot on the trail - he never did catch any.

Where's the Milt?

After Milton's dip, he went crazy in the leaves.  As many dog owners know, dogs turn into maniacs when they get wet.  Our little goldendoodle just couldn't control himself.  Perhaps he is camouflaging himself for a sneak attack on those darn frogs.

Rather ghoulish looking.

Of course a bath was in order.  I believe the Milt had a grand total of three while we were there and one when we got home.

Momma and Daddy always take good care of the Milt.

While out in the wilderness, Jeff thought it was a good idea to expose Milton to some gun shots to see how he would react.  He actually responded very well, remaining calm throughout the skeet shooting.  My husband has a pie in the sky idea that some day little Milt might want to retrieve some ducks.  We have been practicing a lot of fetch, both tennis balls and frisbees, with the Milt to get him ready.    
Milt taking it all in.

Milton sure did love stomping around the land, but most of all he enjoyed meeting his Pop and Momeaux.  The Milt was quite reluctant to leave, so I predict another trip to the land in the very near future.

Milt with his grandparents


  1. Hi there. A friend of mine pointed out your blog to me on Facebook today as my husband and I have spent the past month enjoying the heck out of the show our labradoodle, Seaweed gives us every day hunting frogs. He looks just like Milton when he's filthy. Here's a little youtube video of him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HQpZEhyFu4

    Barbara Ellison

    1. What a great video - your dog looks incredibly happy to be in that bog! Thank you for sharing. I hope you continue to read about Milton's adventures in my blog!


      P.S. I LOVE the name, Seaweed! How adorable.

    2. Great video. I like the tail wagging.