Monday, September 3, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

Some people live by the ocean, while others have a lake in their backyard or a pool all to themselves, but we have the poor man's pleasure - a bathtub.

Lately after a nice, long walk or whenever Milton is feeling a bit of ennui, he likes to hop in the tub to amuse himself - drink from the faucet, paw at the drain, bat around his bath cups...  It is much more fun than simply drinking from his water bowl - it is his own private haven from the world that we find him escaping to almost daily.  We help him out by turning on the water, but after that he likes to be left alone to soak.  Since today is Labor Day, he deserves his personal respite more than ever. 

Enjoy your day off, everyone.  Remember if you don't have easy access to recreational water, the bathtub is always a viable option for quick and easy fun! 

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