Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

When I graduated from college and moved to my very first apartment in Boston, I decided that I should represent my foray into adulthood by sending sophisticated Christmas cards (homemade resplendent with stickers) to all my family and friends announcing that I was out on my own.  Five years later, I am still on that kick.  If you are a member of my immediate family, newly acquired immediate family, or one of a select group of friends, you know that I mail cards for almost every holiday - Valentine's Day, Easter, and then my busy season starts - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my big push - Christmas!  It is meaningful to me that I am spreading good cheer and happiness card by card through the U.S. Postal Service.

So after a fruitful trip of photo shooting to Louisiana, we came away with this doozie of a card!

Milton the Reindeer

My husband was none too happy that we were not represented in the card, but quite frankly, I do not need anyone commenting on my current dress size or hair color tinge.  Milt always seems to look pretty darn good, so I thought we should lead with our best!

Jeff and I are particularly excited this holiday season because we signed up, via the Doodle Kisses website, for a doodle holiday card exchange.  The way the mailing process works is whoever wants to can submit their address to be added into a group of about 50 people to receive a magical doodle Christmas card just in time for the holidays.  So this year, Jeff and I, or rather Mr. Milton, will be mailing cards to 49 other doodlers across the United States.  All of the other doodle moms attest that this is their favorite part of the holiday season.  So far, we have not received any because it is still somewhat early, but I can share with you the one that my friend, Thuy, hand delivered to me:

What a handsome family!

All I know is during the entire month of December, I am going to be running out to our mailbox to see what adorable doodle cards have arrived for our Milt!  This should add a little excitement, and joy, into our lives!  If you rarely mail letters, consider it because happiness can arrive in the form of a simple letter or card.

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  1. Oh his photo made my morning; lopsided anters, mucky beard, and a small branch he's saving for later.....PERFECT!

    (And thank you for using the proper reindeer name of "Donder.")