Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Riding Along in my Automobile

I don't own a fancy car.  I'm rocking a Toyota Corolla, although it is a sleek jet black.  You have all seen the lovely doodle sticker that I display on the back, so people basically can figure out what I'm all about when I motor past.

It really doesn't add a "cool" factor to my car.

The thing with my Corolla is it gets outstanding gas mileage.  This is why Jeff insists that we drive it everywhere, and I mean everywhere - from the great plains of Texas, across to swampy Louisiana, and all the way up to woodsy New York.  As he puts it, we are going to, "Drive it into the ground."  That's a pleasant thought, I know...

Due to the amount of time I spend in the car, and the fact that I eat breakfast (think crumbly muffins and rolls) every morning within its confines, as well as haul the dirty Milt home from daycare, it has become quite filthy.  So, our latest car addition is this lovely backseat cover bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Black Friday ($10, 20% off):

No more grime.

Here is the link, touted "As Seen On TV":

Now that I just read the reviews, some people lament about the smell.  Well, we shall see.  I need to clean my backseat first before I can lay it down, so it could be a little while.

Likewise, in an effort to upkeep our car and everyone in it, we have purchased the Milt a very sturdy seat belt.  For our other long road trips, we borrowed a belt, but we thought it was about time the Milt had his own.  Jeff purchased this one on Amazon, his go to shopping venue, for $18.50.

Safe and secure

The seat belt actually reminds me of a bulletproof vest.  It straps around Milt, and then it hooks to the actual seat belt, so he is not incredibly mobile while we are driving.  In case of a crash, he shouldn't fly out of the car either!  Here's the link in case you need one too:   

Milt seemed pretty tolerant/content while wearing it, despite preferring his usual loosey goosey fashion.

Getting cozy on a break
Checking out the action in the front while on a pit stop

Sometimes Momma likes to join the Milt in the back of the bus.

Our recent Tennessee road trip locked us in the car for 11 hours on the way there and 13 glorious hours on the way back due to traffic and our frequent food, potty, and Dairy Queen stops.  I thought it was about time to invest a little more into our reliable vehicle of choice and make the ride more pleasant and safe for the Milt and us.  Happy Travels during the holiday season, everyone!                                                                                                           

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  1. Oh my goiter that puppy is so stinkin' cute!

    We will not be investing in a seatbelt for Stanlee as he can only ride in the car for 30 minutes or less before "bringing forth his last meal".

    Good times!