Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Little Boy's All Grown Up!

Yesterday, November 7th, marked seven months for the 'ole Milt.  It is hard to believe that we have been raising this boy since June.  He's our main dependent, and depend on us he does.  When you see a dog every day, morning and night, it can be a little difficult to tell how much he has grown.  Well, here are some telltale signs that the Milt is turning into a "young dog" and leaving "puppyhood" behind.

1.  At the vet today, for Milton's monthly heart worm pill, he hopped up for his usual weigh in.

No, this is not a trick.  Milt weighs a whopping 50.3 lbs.!

That is quite a big difference from one of Milton's much earlier vet visits.  See the below.

A mere pup, perhaps 20 lbs.?

2.  The past two weeks at daycare, we have felt the pressure to get the Milt his first grooming session due to the magnitude of mud he takes in and retains.  Grooming sounds fancy, but Milt's not that kind of guy.  To be quite frank, we like him hairy.  I am fully determined to see just how long his fur can get.  Also with the onset of fall and the approach of winter, he needs that fur to stay warm, even if it is Dallas.  Our concession is to brush him out more and hope for the best.

Lots and lots of fur

Constant bed head

The tail has finally grown in.

3.  Jeff and I are now the proud members of both Sam's Club and Costco.  With Milt's tender tummy, we really couldn't just take him off his routine puppy food, cold turkey.  It was becoming quite bothersome to always beseech our friends, last minute of course, to pick us up Milt's special brand at Costco.  So, now we are double dipping.  With a boy who is eating about a bag a month, we need to stay on top of things!

All stocked up.

4.  The one thing people always comment on about the Milt are his paws.  We hear that they are "huge, massive, gigantic - That is going to be a big dog."  Well, we hope he keeps on growing.  This seems somewhat of a silly statement akin to when Jeff lamented on a forum about how our dog does not naturally like to swim, and someone replied, "Why do you care?"  Exactly.  Why do we care if Milt is big or small?  I don't know.  It's like wanting a blonde haired kid or petite feet.  It's just something we're into!

Big Foot

Daddy insisted on taking a measurement

As you can see, our boy might be all grown up (almost), but he still likes to dip into his toy bin every day.  I think he'll always be a pup at heart (thank goodness!).

Quite content


  1. He is so STINKIN' cute! My sister wants a goldendoodle and I keep telling her if he doesn't look like The Milt, go somewhere else. (I forwarded your blog address to her so that she can watch him grow, too.)

    Amazing how quickly they grow, Stanlee was weighed Saturday morning for his HW pill and he weighed in at 61 pounds at 7 months and 3 weeks (yes I still count the weeks.) Too bad we're not closer; they would be the very best of friends!

  2. Congrats on hitting 10,000 views!