Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby Bag Totin' Dog Parents

Recently we met a couple of good friends of ours out at dinner.  They brought their two terriers, Sam & Eddie, and, of course, the Milt joined us as well.  Upon our arrival, our friends got quite a chuckle out of the big backpack that Jeff wore to dinner, referring to it as our "baby bag."

Well, let me tell you new puppy owners, you never know when an emergency might arise - messy potty but no bags, irritable dog while dining out, stuck in traffic without any food...  What is that old Boy Scout motto? - "Always be prepared."  Neither Jeff nor I have ever been in the Scouts, but we buy into that ideology.  So, here is what we keep in our "baby bag":

Water and food bowls are key for dining on the go, although many restaurants will provide water.

Food, treats, and toys to occupy

Tennis balls for an impromptu play session and, of course, bags to pick up any unexpected messes

Extra water just in case...

If you don't have a baby bag, I recommend you acquire one.  There are lots of fun gadgets and gizmos to make your bag even more fun rather than lame.  You might seem silly but definitely better safe than sorry!

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  1. I carry an emergency bag, too. I went to the local Army/Navy store and got a German medic shoulder bag......because it made me giggle.