Monday, November 12, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

On days when Milton does not attend daycare, we feel compelled to take him for an awful long walk in the morning.  Generally it is my duty and desire to take the Milt because I like the exercise too, but last week Jeff joined us for a very early morning walk.  Thankfully with the daylight savings time, it approaches light toward the latter half of the walk, so we are not in complete darkness the entire time.

Generally Milt enjoys his walks, but at times he can get a bit obstinate when he does not get to pick the direction we walk in, sniff everything for that extra minute, or say hi to each and every dog we encounter.  In particular, Milton gets the greatest enjoyment from our walks when he finds the perfect stick.  It always puts an extra little pep into his step.

Walking proud

This stick was a monster.  Our goldendoodle was incredibly proud of himself when he snagged this one.  The kicker is he carried it a remarkable 1/2 mile home all the while prancing and looking up at us to double, triple check that he could keep it.  The Milt was taking up a lot of space with that stick span, and we had to steer him clear of quite a few walkers and bikers!  It is really enjoyable to watch a dog's innocent pleasure all from picking up some old castoff from a tree.

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  1. Milt actually carried this stick a bit higher, with his head tilted up, than shown in the picture. This picture was taken after he had gotten the stick all of the way back to the apartment.