Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving is a rather unusual one for us.  Rather than celebrating today, like most families, we are embarking on an 11-hour road trip to celebrate tomorrow in Tennessee with Jeff's brother's family.  I am not one for change in routine, but sometimes it is just necessary, and the end result is equally as good.  We are looking forward to the festivities, and I still plan to eat a turkey sandwich for lunch to keep in the spirit of the holiday! 

Yesterday, the Milt and I stayed home babysitting our little buddy, Leo, while his Momma was at work.  As I baked the morning away, Milt and Leo co-existed and played a little.  I learned that Leo likes to hide his treats, and I further learned that Milton likes to take them away.  I noticed that Milton craves attention, and I also noticed that Milton craves this attention whenever I start to pet Leo.  Someday we might just have to get a little brother for our boy, so he can learn to share!

Two cranberry breads, two pumpkin rolls, and three bags of rolls!

Leo refused to abide by my sofa rules, so I was forced to accommodate him.

Milton napped unless Leo started chewing one of his toys, I petted Leo, or Leo did something else that Milton found offensive..

To update all of you, on the neutering situation, the Milt is still not fixed, which is disappointing to both Jeff and me.  We really wanted to get everything taken care of over the holiday week, so we could spend time with the Milt while he is recuperating.  This  experience has brought up a whole slew of grievances with our local branch of the SPCA where we began our endeavor.  Do let me enumerate them for you:

1.  All three Dallas SPCA branches only have one phone line, so during your workday when you want to contact the veterinarian, who is supposedly operating on your dog, you have to wait at least 15 minutes on hold before reaching anyone.  By this point, the vet might have gone home, and you are left speaking to the vet tech, who probably knows an awful lot, but sometimes you do want to reach that doctor.

2.  Milton came home reeking of urine.  At first I assumed that he just wet himself a little on his belly when I picked him up, but no, he absolutely stunk, and I was forced to bathe him.

3.  Later that night, we discovered a massive tick engorged in Milt's head which required tweezers to yank out (the bug was still alive) and a late night run to our local Wal-Mart to buy Peroxide to clean the wound.

4.  After the operation did not occur, we fasted the Milt again, and Jeff took him bright and early the next morning to the other SPCA branch that does, indeed, perform this type of surgery.  Upon arrival, Jeff was informed that since Milton was given anesthesia yesterday, that we would need to wait a couple of weeks until he could be put under again.  The main point here is that when I picked the Milt up, the vet tech never told me that Milt was put under.  You would think the owners would want to know this little fact, so that we could monitor him that evening, instead of trying to take him on an hour long walk because I was convinced that he was cooped up all day in a kennel.

To say it pointblank, I am not a fan of how the SPCA operates.  At this point, I would actually say that I am a vocal critic of their operation, especially since I left a message with their manager yesterday, and I still have not heard anything back.  I have been told that the SPCA's clinic is more like an "assembly," servicing (neutering and spaying) upwards of 100 dogs/cats per day and does not focus on patient relationships and customer service.  Despite the $82 price tag, the Milt and I have moved on.  We will be paying a few $100 more when we finally select our vet, but it will be well worth it knowing that the Milt is in good hands.

This post might seem a bit dreary, especially on Thanksgiving, but Jeff and I are so very thankful that the Milt is still happy and healthy after coming out of his "surgery."  For that, we give an awful lot of thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone; enjoy this special time with your family and friends! 

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  1. Our family is a "Friday Thanksgiving" family and has been for a number of years. I'm greedy, I want all of my family around and as everyone has multiple families in the area, Thursday is a hectic day for all. So to make the day fun and not worry about schedules, we hang out and enjoy the whole day together. (My mom and sister weren't a big fan of change until they say how much more relaxing it was that first year.)

    So sorry to hear you're still dealing with The Milt's manhood. I can't believe they didn't say anything to you guys about not putting the dog under two days in a row. I think you are making a good decision because 1. You have a great relationship with your vet and 2. Milton is worth it. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving and tell us....are you decorated for Christmas yet? How are you going to keep Milton from un-decorating the tree? I am off to Lowe's later in the week to purchase a roll of picket fencing to cordon off the area. My husband anticipates a tension-filled holiday. LOL