Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Partying Sans Milt (kind of)

Every year our friends, Alan and Alicia (the photography couple!), throw a huge Halloween bash at their house!

A body bag to greet upon arrival
Another ghoul in the corner

A butler to serve you

A little surprise amongst the tea set

No Halloween party would be complete without the Sam Adams Halloween mix
Delectable cupcakes

Our scary contribution
This was my first year attending, and I wanted to get a costume on the cheap because just like my wedding dress, I am only wearing it once!  This is our first year with the Milt as well, so his costume was top of mind too!  One of my best friends came up with the brilliant idea of incorporating our dog's costume, the frog, into our costume.  See the below:

I (a princess) kissed a frog (Milton) to get my prince (Jeff)!

Initially I asked if Milt could join the party, but for various safety concerns (for the Milt), it was decided against.  The photograph made our costume even more amusing than having the Milt live.  If you still need an idea for your own Halloween costume, see the below:

Note the "bun" in the oven!

Honey Boo Boo's mom made it out for the occasion

PB&J Time!

A family affair!

My hubby...

Halloween was a blast.  The holiday trifecta has begun!