Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goldilocks & Her Doodle One-Year Anniversary Today!

Happy First of June!  Exactly one year ago today, Jeff and I welcomed Milton the Goldendoodle into our home.  Little did we know how he would completely change our lives for the better.  Now we can't possibly imagine life without our boy.  I used to say, "Everything is better with cheese or on a boat."  Now, I will tack on to my statement, "or with the Milt."

Since it has been one year with Milton, that also means it has been one year of me blogging.  To put it simply, this blog has been a rewarding adventure.  I enjoy capturing Milt's life on film and then creating interesting stories to correspond.  It has certainly challenged my creativity and sharpened my writing skills.

Looking back over the course of this memorable year, here are a few of my very favorite blog posts:

 Goldendoodle Draft
Picking out the perfect puppy, and we succeeded!

New Housemate
Rainy Day with the Goldendoodle
How can I ever forget this disaster?

Shoes Galore
Naughtiness from a young age onward...

The Long, Long Car Ride
Milt, Jeff, and I certainly bonded on that 25-hour car ride to visit my family in New York...

All Good Things Must Come to an End
Fun with Grand-Nan

 Doggie Adventure with Uncle Dave

Milton's first boat ride with Uncle Dave - unpleasant for Milton, annoying for Uncle Dave, and nerve wracking for Momma waiting on shore!

Swamp Dog
Milton's first foray at Momeaux and Pop's Louisiana slough!


Tricks Galore!

Halloween Arrived Early this Year
Making friends as we go

Puppy Photo of the Week
Lotsa Doodles Calendar Boy - That was one big accomplishment Momma was pretty darn proud of for both her and the Milt (our photographer, Alicia, too!).

Puppy Photo of the Week
It hasn't all been roses and sunshine...

A Slight Hiccup...
The never-ending saga

A Gingerbread House for Christmas!
Celebrating milestones with Milton by our side

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
Snow in Dallas - extraordinary

Doodle Palooza

Shearing a Big 'Ole Sheep (Goldendoodle!)
Oodles and oodles of doodle curls

Proud Momma and Daddy

When I began this blog, I attested to chronicle all the trials and tribulations of the first year with a puppy -- potty training, feeding habits, sleeping schedules, etc.  I think I have successfully accomplished that goal.  I also stated that I would blog for one full year and then be done.  Well, I am going back on that statement, just a little bit!  I don't think I can give up blogging entirely; I have way too much fun writing these posts.

Yes, this blog will march on, but it will be amended in a way.  No longer will I adhere to the strict Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday posting schedule.  Instead, I will post when news happens, and when it doesn't, I won't. The tight schedule was taking a bit of fun out of blogging, and when fun begins to dissipate from something you normally love, you should always rethink it.

Well, dear readers, thank you for following along with the first full year of life with Milton, our beloved goldendoodle!  Do continue to read on, however sporadic the postings may be, as we enter another wonderful year with the Milt.  All of your posted comments, emails, and phone calls, have really made this endeavor truly remarkable.


  1. I was sad this weekend to turn the calendar page and lose my Milton Love. Now I'm even more sad that I won't see you guys (you too, Jeff) quite as often here, either. I will continue to check on your blog and promise to be thrilled, even if you only post a picture. We don't need you to write a long blog, we just want to share in your love for The Milt and each other.

    TONS of love to you and your family and don't forget about us out here! ♥

    1. Oh, thanks, Goob! This blog has been unbelievably fun to write. Jeff and I both adore reading your comments each week. Frequently posting pictures, rather than an entire story, will be much more doable for me now. Don't worry -- I will still be a frequent blogger about my sweet boy!

      Happy Summer by the way! I am out of school, and it feels good.