Friday, June 29, 2012

The Long, Long Car Ride

As some of you may know, our little family is embarking on a 25-hour journey today to New York.  We are making the pilgrimage home to introduce the Milt to the fam.  Last year I went home for the entire summer, but this year I didn't want to keep Milton away from his daddy too long, so it will just be a two week vacation.  This little jaunt is also to fulfill my own desire of a cross country road trip. All of the naysayers who spoke out against it actually encouraged me to do it! 

Leaving Milton at home while I flew to New York, was not an option for me.  These first few puppy months are integral to Milton's training (pottie, leash, chewing), and with Jeff working such long hours, I did not want Milt neglected at home.  The more we train the pup now, hopefully the better he will be in the fall when school starts up again.

I did consider flying with Milton as a carry on, but I thought that could easily develop into a traumatizing experience.  I didn't want to risk the little guy whining/barking or getting sick.  Plus I was a little nervous that he would keep on growing and not fit in a crate when the time came to return to Texas. 

Quite the trip

To prepare Milton for this trip, I have been taking him on little car rides around our neighborhood.  Milton and I look at all the pretty houses and daydream.  Milton sits in my lap, so I can pet him and keep him calm.  This is not the safest option, so we now have a puppy seatbelt along with a travel crate all prepared for the long ride.

Milton all ready to go.

On Milton's first car rides, he cried and shook for the majority of the drive.  I tried to encourage him to like the car by giving him pieces of milk bone or bits of dog food before, during, and after the ride.  By now, he is much more relaxed and will try to look out the windows and eventually just doze off.

What does a Milt need for such an incredible journey? Well, let's see:

1.  Dog food
2.  Portable dog bowls
3.  Dog treats
4.  Travel crate with sleeping blanket
5.  Puppy pads
6.  Resolve carpet cleaner
7.  Chew toys
8.  Bitter apple spray
9.  Heart worm pill
10.  Puppy shampoo

I am certain there are a few more odds and ends, bits and bobs, I am missing.  From now on, I'm packing for two.

Milton thought we were kicking him out.

Milt and his Monkey

The first leg of our trip is ten-hours from Dallas, Texas to Clarksville, Tennessee where Jeff's brother and his family live.  We will spend all day Saturday visiting with them and then depart very early Sunday morning for the remainder of the drive - 15 hours.  I have absolutely no idea how this whole escapade is going to turn out.  We will continuously blast the air conditioning, routinely pet Milton, and of course frequently stop for our favorite treat, Dairy Queen, or simply DQ.

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a puppy happy in the car?  Let me know if you do!  On Monday, I will post a photo montage of our grand adventure...

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  1. I personally think taking this trip will be great! We started traveling with Remington when he was just a little thing too and he now is a dream to travel with. Looks like you have planned things out well! When Remington was a puppy he would sleep during his travel excursions... now as an adult he is awake the whole ride! He wouldn't want to miss out on anything!