Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Puppy Photo

Milt and I played a little ball yesterday (like everyday!), and it seemed as if after every couple of tosses, all he wanted to do was lie down in our flowerbed.  That's what 90+ degree heat will do to you, I guess.

A bed of grass

Jeff made the comment that a tennis ball is basically attached to Milton's mouth all the time.  He is certainly passionate about the game.


  1. I used to have lovely African Iris along my patio; they now look like the tall grass Milton lays in.

    Do you find that Milton becomes hyperfocused on his tennis ball and you have to take it away at night or he won't sleep? Yes? Us, too.

    1. Ha! Stanlee sounds adorable. I was just lamenting to Jeff the other day how I wish Milton was a more independent player because I feel like I am constantly trying to entertain this boy because he doesn't know how to do it himself...! All in good time, I suppose. I think I spoiled him rotten when he was young, and now I am stuck with the consequences.