Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Summer is in full swing, especially now that I am out of school, and everyday is a Momma and Milton day!  We are beginning to get into our daily routine of waking up, saying goodbye to Daddy Dog, and then taking a nice long walk or run.  Upon return, Milt naps most of the late morning and afternoon, periodically waking to play ball, while Momma sneaks off to yoga class.  We take another little evening walk while we wait for Daddy to come home.  It's blissful. 

One thing I have noticed, as I observe Milton's sleep schedule, is that he spends an awful lot of time in our bathtub.  Jeff and I refer to it as his "alone time."  I think Milton tends to have more alone time post-walk in the heat, especially when Momma turns the air conditioning off during the day.  That's why  Jeff and I decided that yet another haircut was in order. 

Skinny boy -- newly cut

Sitting pretty

 The first time we cut Milt, we wanted to keep his fur on the longer side, so he didn't look too much like a poodle.  Milt's hair grows incredibly fast though, so we thought the shorter the better this time.  I even took those scissors and cut his head way back because he definitely traps a lot of heat in that hair.  I always feel bad when I see Milt heavy panting, and I know it is due to the mop of fur covering his entire body. You might not be able to tell in these two photos, but Milt dog has quite a few bare patches.  Jeff is still perfecting the art of grooming; thankfully, he has a bunch of years and a whole heap of fur to master it.


  1. I always think Remi is soooo skinny when he gets a hair cut! I'm so impressed you guys do this yourself! Super Doodle Parents!

  2. Milton looks so handsome in his summer cut! When he's in the tub, toss a couple of ice cube in there with him to help cool him down; Stanlee loves to chew on ice.

    Gosh, with summer here you're posting later because you don't start your day before the crack of dawn! I'm going to have to readjust my schedule.

  3. We aren't good at it just yet... Poor milt.

  4. He's so cute and much cooler. Need to do the same for Dusty before he gets too long. I just can't trim him the way I want. And it takes sooooo long. 4-8 hours. Ugh.

    1. You should have Jeff groom Dusty next time you come to visit. I think he really enjoys it...!