Friday, July 13, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

Sadly, bright and early tomorrow morning, Milton and I are hitting the long road back down to the deep South. We are certainly sad to go, especially little Milt, who has come to love the great outdoors and greatly bonded with his Grand-Nan.

Surprisingly enough, originally Grand-Nan was not thrilled at the idea of her new, little granddog coming to visit. She thought he might mess on the floor, which he did, only once, but of course he couldn't help it. There was also one incident of a little nip while playing, but sometimes Milton's enthusiasm overcomes him.  That was not his fault once again. He might bark a little crazily at times and demand attention, but he's just being a pup. Bottom line, Grand-Nan adores her goldendoodle.

Milt wanted to get moving!

Milt sports a John Deere leash courtesy of Grand-Nan who bought it for exactly $1 at a garage sale and mailed it down South. (Grand-Nan is the Queen of Garage Sales.) With his John Deere leash, Milton struts the streets of Dallas proclaiming to the world that he is a country boy. So we absolutely needed a photograph of Milton, Grand-Nan, and the essence of John Deere - the all-American lawn mower. This one even has an attached cart for hauling the Milt wherever his heart desires, or more realistically wherever there is work to be done.

I am uncertain when Milt will travel North again, but he will always remember how much fun it is to dig deep holes, how the lake is not as scary in the shallow end, and how you never know how long that drive will be when you hop into the car!

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