Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shearing a Big 'Ole Sheep (Goldendoodle!)

Jeff just couldn't take it anymore.  The boy we love more than anything was looking a little too much like a mop to him.  Jeff thought all that fur was weighing him down much too much, and to quote him, "Milt was looking like a 'saggy pants' everytime he went to go catch the ball; it was like his britches were about to fall down."  So, that was that - a haircut was decided upon. 

Thankfully, I managed to hold Jeff off until Milt's first birthday.  I was adamant that his lovely locks needed to grow long until then.  I was waiting for them to touch the ground!  In all seriousness, both of us were beginning to feel a little bad for the Milt.  Despite it only being mid-April, we still have days that can reach up to the 90s.  As the chief walker of Milton, I was seeing first hand how the heat took its toll on him each time we would be out and about on one of our daily jaunts.  I mean, Milt Dog is not much of a walker anyways, but throw in that heat, and it gets a little ridiculous.  Milton is a big fan of walking, sitting, and lying down.  Once he is laid out, and I back-step to coax him up, he promptly rolls over for a little belly rub.  It is a bit humiliating for me.

Instead of getting Milton cut at our daycare, Jeff thought it would be more economical to order his own clipper, at about $200, and get to work.  To cut a dog Milton's size, it can run about $65 per trim, so we assume it will all even out in the long run.  I know that our friend, Thuy, cuts her doodle, Hops, at a salon where you pay something like $20 and use all their tools.  This is a fun idea too; I think I would have preferred that option...

Pretty nifty

Jeff got the idea for this clipper from our friend, Lindsay, who is always knowledgeable of the latest and greatest doodle gadgets.  If you have the hankering for one, check it out at Amazon:

Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Animal Clipper

Andis Small Pet Clipper Combs 9 Piece Set

The clipper (two speeds!) was very easy to manage, with no fear of cutting Milton.  We also bought a set of combs, containing the longest comb of 1.25", so that we could still keep his fur fairly long.

 Jeff was itching so badly to cut our goldendoodle, that he couldn't even wait for the weekend.  He dug right in this past Tuesday night.  All last week when I was writing about Milton's birthday party, whenever I took pictures of Milt, I made certain to focus on his head to not give the surprise of his brand new haircut away!  I felt like I was trying to hide a baby bump...

First, we washed the Milt, in his new kiddie pool, to make certain that he was nice and fresh.

Daddy Dog washing

Momma Dog got right in there too.

Next up, we gave him a good brush out to try to untangle some of those nasty mats that seem to develop behind his ears and under his armpits.

Wet boy

Jeff tried to get a few out with a giant pair of scissors!


Milt likes to be rewarded between unpleasant activities.

Gnawing on his antler

Finally Jeff got to the real cutting after about an hour into this endeavor.  At first, we were not having much success because the comb was so long, but we started lifting the fur up and holding it at an angle to allow us to reach down further and lop more off.


Both Jeff and I got after it!  At first we chained Milton up to our weight stand to keep him still, but although, he was bored, he was not terribly scared, so he eventually just laid on down for us.

A massacre of hair...!

All over...

...the floor

Jeff even sacrificed his brush to the cause to try and chunk out some of that hair.  All in all, it took my poor husband about a total of 2.5 hours cutting time to try and get the Milt's hair under control.  Here is the finished product!

He is a little choppy in spots...

Since the initial cut, there have been many, many touch ups.

What a little trooper!

Although I was very hesitant to let Jeff cut Milt because I liked his curlicues, Jeff did a really nice job.  At first, post-cut, I was nervous to pet Milton because I really think he shed at least a solid pound of fur; he came out looking pretty skin and bones to my eyes.  We were both frightened that he would come out like a skinny white rat.  After about a week now, I have become more used to his new physique, and he looks pretty darn good.

If you are having difficulty telling the difference between his old cut and his new, here is a little comparison.

A couple of months ago


The one area that I am still a little concerned about is his chicken butt.

Bow legs

I think Jeff cut up the sides just a little too much, but oh, well.  We have quite a few years to perfect the Milt's cut.  When I asked the employees at daycare what they thought of Milton's new hair-do, they began to laugh and said, "That's a funny haircut he got." 

We'll get it down eventually.  The main thing is that Milt is nice and cool for the hot Texas summer.  Not to mention, that hopefully our house will stay just a little bit cleaner with less fur balls rolling around and leaves fluttering off his fur.  It's a win-win situation for all!


  1. You are so lucky Milton loves water! It is so hard to wash my dogs. They act like we are torturing them! I think it would be so much fun to shave my dogs for the summer, but Rich thinks their hair isn't long enough. Milton is so lucky to have hands on parents.

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  2. I'm impressed!!! We could never cut Remi! We just take him to the salon every 4 months and have them shave him down. LOL! Great job!!!

  3. He looks FAB! Did you guys dry him completely before taking the clippers to him? Makes a HUGE difference, take my word on that! Also, Milton didn't really have the hair that hung over his eyes, did he? Stan's is really long but I just...can't...cut it!

  4. Congrats on your first home pet grooming! You did a great job (that's a LOT of fur) and Milt looks like such a sweetheart. Glad we could help you unleash his Goldendoodle style.

    1. Yay! Thank you for reading, Andis. Your clipper really made the job SO much easier! I actually have two friends in the area who both own doodles, and they are interested in buying their own clippers as well. Do you possibly have any coupons available?

  5. I guess it really takes a lot of time to finish that but despite of that goldendoodle are one of the best dog breeds and they are truly lovable.

  6. You did a really great job - shorter, but still fluffy. That's what I hope for when I have to inevitably have my golden doodle puppy groomed.

  7. You're story and pictures to match are too cute! I have 2 doodles and it cost me $200 each time for grooming. The clippers are on sale at Amazon for $151. Ordering Immediately and my boyfriend can help me cut their hair lol

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  13. Our 70 Pound Male Golden Doodle isn't welcomed at any groomer as he will fight them to groom him! So, it is our job to wrestle him into getting his hair cut. This wouldn't be such a tough job if we could find a set of clippers that will actually cut through his often matted fur!. Andis, nor Oster wil work as the clipper attachments (with skip-teeth) will not go through the coat without clogging. That plus Oster gets hot quickly ....