Friday, April 5, 2013

A Dollop of Humor!

Last week when I posted about Milton's birthday invitations, I received a rather peculiar email.  My good friend, Anny, (the one who is currently awaiting the lung transplant) cleverly took Milt dog's birthday picture and made it "come alive."  Jeff and I are divided on this little clip.  On the one hand, it is kind of cute, but on the other somewhat weird.  You decide...!

Happy Friday... FINALLY!  I hope everyone has a delightful weekend!


  1. I wonder what software/tool did Anny use to make this video? This is cute!!! :)

    1. Hmm, I am not certain. I will ask Anny and find out! On an up note, Anny received her double lung transplant Saturday morning! She is already breathing much more easily. Anny's a lucky girl.