Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Throw a Doggie Party: Presents Galore

Let me tell you.  That Milt is one heck of a lucky boy!  At his party, we figured that one or two people might arrive with gifts to give our goldendoodle.  Well, turns out our friends have a true knack for purchasing puppy gifts galore.  Our boy certainly has an awful lot of new toys to play with for months and months to come.

Some dog

The kickoff to Milt's party was when our friend, Anny, who mind you just underwent a double lung transplant, sent him a rather hefty box from Petco filled with multiple rawhide bones (a couple were chicken barbecue flavor!) and a monkey squeak toy.  I would show you what is left of one of those bones, but I think you would be appalled...  We should have known there was more generosity to come!

Another neat gift was a bag of homemade dog biscuits from our friend, Jenny.  They are all natural and smell just like peanut butter.  The treats are super tasty too; I tried one!  Jenny is our "pregnant friend Jenny" who simply amazes me with both her crafting and culinary skills.  I think I am busy, but then I look at all Jenny does, and I feel like I need to get hoppin'!

Yummy with a lovely presentation

Some dogs dislike toys, but Milt is certainly not in that camp.  Originally, we kept his toys pretty basic; Milt enjoys a good found stick or cut log from outside.  I think he really got into toys, and subsequently got the gimmies, after multiple trips to his buddy Leo's house.  Whenever he would arrive, Milt would rush past Leo and go straight for the living room floor where there is always a wide array of toys to choose from.  He would hunker down with two or three of them in his paws and just get to chewing!

So far, out of all of Milton's presents, a pig, yes a pig, has been the Milt's toy of choice.

Pink Polka Dog Pig - a gift from Jeff's cousins, Lily and Colin

We seem to find this pig positioned around the house in the oddest places; he is really quite lifelike.  The pig is actually super cute, although it makes the most terrible oinking noise!  In all honesty, depending on how you grab it, it really squeals.  Jeff and I are pretty smitten by it too.  If we are playing fetch with Milt with a different toy, and he catches sight of this one, he absolutely must have it.

Here are a couple of other neat gifts, just in case you are attending an upcoming doggie party, and need a good idea for a present:

Three Dog Bakery - They look just like Oreos!

Bones, bones, and more bones!

A pretty nifty seat cover

A real live elk antler from my friend, Danielle!

If you are an avid reader of Goldilocks and her Doodle (I know there are some of you out there!), you might frequently see comments left by a certain "Queen Goob."  Goob has been a reader of mine since the very beginning.  What is this "Goob" code name for, you might ask.  Your mother?  Best friend?  Archenemy?  No, no, none of the above.  Goob is just a big time fan who has been with me from the beginning.  She is a fellow doodle older of a big black dood, Stanlee.  He is quite the handsome guy and both of them reside in Florida.  One of my favorite times during the day is when I am driving to work, and I hear a little ding from my cell phone, signifying that Goob commented on my post.  Ah, sweet pleasure!

Well, Goob, being the good friend she is, sent the Milt a "little present" from his pal, Stanlee.

Milt's second ever package to be delivered in the mail!

Feeling around

Wow, what a guy that Stanlee is!

He even wrote a note and signed it himself!

Trying out his new tennis ball

Playing with the Daddy Dog when he got home from work

Neither Milt Dog nor I could ask for better friends than Stanlee and Goob!

To all Milt's friends (ours too!), thank you so much for joining us at our doodle's first birthday party!  For all of my readers, this ends the week-long chronicles of "How to Throw a Doggie Party."  I hope you enjoyed them, and you are now inspired to throw one of your own!

The tag Lily made for the party treat bags - thank you one and all!


  1. To many more doggie Birthday Milt!!!! You are a very lucky doodle!

  2. So glad your gift got there safe and sound, Milton! Lots of love ♥ Marnie (Queen Goob) and Stanlee

  3. Love the pic of Milton's face in the bag!! He's such a lucky dog! My dogs loved the sweet potato treats! So glad I found something they will eat that's really healthy!

    1. Oh good! I am happy that they enjoyed them. I definitely need your treat recipe. You told it to me quickly, but I need to hear it again and get it on a recipe card! Not to mention, I need to buy some cute cookie cutters too.