Thursday, April 4, 2013

Milton's First Slumber Party!

Our Milton has spent time away from home at both Downtown Dog (his daycare) and at Momeaux and Pop's house over the holidays.  This past week though, Jeff and I spent a few days with my family in Florida for Easter, and the Milt was packed up to his good buddy Hops's house for his first doggie friend sleepover.  It was an all-day, all-night bash for those too!

Hops is the lovable Aussiedoodle of my very good friend, Thuy.  When I asked Thuy if she and her boyfriend, Patrick, would watch our boy, they both quickly answered with a resounding, "Yes!" and I think they were actually excited at the prospect.  So, we packed the Milt dog up with his pop-up camper, baby blanket, and a backpack full of both necessities and goodies.  His Momma also reminded him to mind his manners - please and thank you!  Jeff and I mused that at the slumber party, Hops and he would spend late nights giggling about their lady loves, one of which will be joining Milton at his birthday bash this weekend!

Pigs' ears for whenever, pastel cookies for Easter, and, of course, a card of instructions and a gift card for his caretakers!

I have to say that leaving Milton with friends was far better than a daycare.  Other than the obvious cost saving, Thuy was positively outstanding in keeping us abreast via frequent picture text messages of all of the happenings of our Milt dog.  He practically had a better vacation than we did!

Jeff dropped Milton off last Thursday night, and the Milt dog was positively thrilled.  We were nervous that since this was his first official sleepover with a friend that he might cry throughout the night and ask for his Momma but not a chance!  He liked being part of a big family - two adults, two dogs, one cat + Milton!

Love at first sight!

A lot of play

Some more play with someone's sock this time!

Cavorting outside

A lot of napping too

A little bit of rest with Patrick on the patio

Bathtub time as usual

I am convinced that Thuy is a much better Momma than me!  She brushed out our hairy doodle every night, which is no small task.  I even think she cleaned his ears too because they have never smelled quite so good before!
Poor Hops runs and hides when the brush appears

Milt dog, however, relishes the attention!
Likewise, Thuy even trained our goldendoodle.  That is an even greater feat.  Check out the snippet below.  Our pup's a quick learner, but then again, Thuy's a very good trainer and teacher.

We especially hate leaving the Milt on holidays too.  At least we shared St. Patrick's Day with him before we left!

Three sweet boys on Easter Sunday waiting for their special treats

Our entire trip in Florida, Jeff and I truly enjoyed ourselves, but our one irksome, nagging thought was, "I wish the Milt was here too."  Like cheese or a boat, he just seems to make everything a little bit better. 

Since Jeff picked up the Milt from Thuy early Tuesday morning, I think Milt has been a tad sad.  Jeff said Milt watched Thuy until the last possible second while driving away at the hand off.  I think our dood definitely bemoans the fact that he does not have a little brother to pal around with.  Hops is sorely missed by our puppy around our lonesome house...!

Believe me though, whenever Hops and his little (actually big!) brother need a doggie sitter, Jeff and I are readily available.  It is only right to repay Thuy and Patrick's such sincere generosity with some of our own.  Secretly, I actually find the more dogs the merrier in our household...!  Florida Coconut Patties also make a nice thank you gift.

If you haven't tried them before, you should!

Don't forget to check in next Tuesday (after Monday's Puppy Photo of the Week) to hear all about Milt's big bash!  It will certainly be a packed "doghouse" this upcoming Sunday.  


  1. That Easter picture of the three of them is sooooo cute! I think Milt may need a baby brother :)

  2. I love love love this post!!! So sweet of Thuy to take care of Milton & he had such a great time!!

  3. I tried leaving a comment a few times but kept getting the "will post upon approval" message....glad that's gone!

    I wanted to say that I viewed the video above and while fun and exciting, I was a bit dissapointed that Thuy didn't teach The Milt to fetch a beer from the fridge. Just sayin'......