Friday, April 26, 2013

Buyer Beware!

When I was a kid, and I got to stay home from school because I was sick, it wasn't such a bad thing.  My mom would dote on me all day long from my vantage point on the sofa plopped in front of the TV.  If it was a Wednesday, my dad would be home too, so the house always had an energy about it.

Yesterday I stayed home sick from school, and it was quite the different experience.  I felt like it was a big, inconvenient break in my agenda -- Milt was supposed to be at daycare, me school, followed by evening yoga.  Instead, I spent the day at home in my pink bathrobe (you know the one I am referring to).  That morning I had awoken with a gurgling stomach followed by the sudden and frequent urge to rush to the toilet.  I'm not one to ever take a sick day (it's too much time that I miss with my kids), but the thought of me running to the restroom multiple times in a period, while the students stopped and stared, was unbearable.  I have absolutely amazing students, but even I would need to comment on that!

The worst part is you are at home on a weekday, which is kind of like a mini-holiday, but you don't feel well -- vacuuming, dusting, and mopping just have to wait.  Poor Milt couldn't even fathom why it was 2P.M., Momma was still in bed, and we hadn't even taken our daily walk yet!  I felt bad for my boy.  I invited him up onto the bed, and this time he stayed around for a solid two hours.  He is not a cuddly one up at the head, but he prefers to lie at my feet and stretch out.

Sweet boy napping with his Momma

What is the "Buyer Beware!" bit of this post all about?  Well, in addition to being sick, with what I think was a 24-hour flu bug or a reaction to the triple-washed salad that I deemed safe not to wash again but maybe I should have, I was injured at the dog park!  On Monday, Milt and I went for a post-work trip, and I completely blanked that the park is always closed on Mondays.  Thankfully though, the water portion was still available, so we went over for Milt to have a dip.  Lots of other dogs were there, but one woman arrived with her new schnoodle puppy.  She was black/white and super cute, but the woman kept her on the leash because she was uncertain how the pup would interact with the big dogs.  This leash was a retractable, but instead of like a nylon material, it was made out of wire to prevent puppies chewing.  Well, that puppy ran around and got tangled around my leg.  The woman said a terse, "Sorry," but I reached down to grab at my shin.  You might think, how bad could that possibly hurt, well look:


It is like a barbed wire cut, and it is still quite tender.  I have been nursing it with aloe vera, and I am sure that it will eventually heal, but I am a bit nervous about scarring.  Point being, I do NOT recommend wire retractable leashes -- they are a danger!

Have fun this weekend, everyone, and stay safe!


  1. ouch!!! that looks so painful.

  2. I hope you're back to your fabulous self but my oh my how cute is it that Milton stayed with you knowing you didn't feel good!

    That retractable leash did a number on you, hope it heals quickly! (I think those leashes should be banded!)