Monday, April 1, 2013

Puppy Photo of the Week

The Milt dog gets bathed on a fairly regular basis; we are on a schedule of probably about once every two weeks or as needed.  We are currently washing Milton in our guest bathroom, but that appears to be wreaking havoc on our plumbing.  Dirt just seems to slide off our doodle.

This picture was taken immediately following a bath last week.  After toweling Milton off and toweling the entire bathroom down, Milt still likes to do a little drying on his own.  He pawed our hallway rug into one giant nest to roll around in.

What, Momma?

Let's just say absolutely nothing stays dry when it's the Milt's day for a bath.


  1. We given up on bathing Stanlee and just let him slowly wander the yard when it's pouring down rain. LOL