Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Bout of Painting

Jeff and I just can't seem to get enough of painting this old house!  When the weekend hit, what did we find ourselves doing?  Painting, of course.  This time it was outside instead of in.  Basically, we have nothing left to paint for the interior.  My husband got it into his head that our deck had to be stained, which it most surely did, especially if you recall the pics from Milton's birthday party.  It was just a little old and worn out all over.  Jeff actually began the project weekend before last, and then he enlisted my help for this past weekend.  It was just not a one-person type of job, so we got to it!


This round of painting, Milton decided early on to self-contain himself.  We think that he smelled the paint and knew that we usually do not want him around while we are dealing with all the gloopy stuff.  He still liked to stick fairly close though.

Deck stain - note the difference

My handiwork - Kermit the Frog green!

Despite the fumes, Milton tried to stay near; you can see me painting in the background there.  Milt likes that flower bed in particular. 

Momma and Milton

Jeff had the innovative idea, via Sherwin Williams, to stain our deck two-tone or actually three-tone.  He stained the boards a sandy color, I painted the rails a bright green, and the top hand rails are stained a darker shade brown.  Of course I was skeptical at first, but it all turned out quite nicely!

Watering the dog

Milt somehow still manages to socialize with us while we are working.

He tried to kiss Momma in between the hand rails. 

The deck is now completely coated with fresh paint; Jeff and I were pleasantly surprised that we actually finished a major project in a mere weekend.  That is quite unlike us!  As I sit here typing this at 9P.M., I am realizing that I do not have a final photograph of the finished deck; however, now that it is newly color-refreshed, I am certain we will be spending lots more time outside, so many more photos will ensue.

Enjoy the spring, approaching summer, weather, everyone!


  1. "He tried to kiss Momma in between the hand rails"......PRICELESS!!!!!

  2. You worked HARD and fast to finish in a weekend. Can't wait to see it.

  3. As Heidi mentioned, we are already having fun with the deck. I just wish Milton didn't eat all of our citronella burners!