Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goldendoodle Romps

Living in a small apartment in Dallas does not leave poor Milton with much room to play.  Whenever we take him outside, it is more of a "Hurry up and go" situation rather than a "Relax and frolic."  As Jeff pointed out to me, Milton needs more time to just be a puppy - sniffing around, chewing on a stick, running aimlessly, lying in the grass, etc. 

A pensive Milton

Jeff and I have always wanted a dog since we both grew up with dogs (me - Brutus, chocolate Lab and Jeff - Butterball, toy poodle).  Unfortunately, we are apartment dwellers and not quite at the house stage yet; although, sometimes in life, you cannot always wait for the perfect situation but just jump in there and get going.  We will have a house someday soon, but for now we need to make the best of apartment life for us and the Milt.
Milton climbed into the ferns, but couldn't climb back out!

For the past week in New York, Milton has been afforded the luxury of two acres to explore.  It is refreshing to watch him tear around the grass, sniff the flowers, and wander down to the lake.   

Sniffing around

The large house also gives Milton  room to spread out, so he has more independence.  He is not constantly underfoot, and I am not always monitoring him.  I actually haven't worried about Milton chewing or messing in the house because there is so much other activity going on to occupy his time.  Visibly, Milton is much more calm and even tempered.  Country life is less stressful for both of us!


Racing down to the lake
It is more of a gallop, actually.

Dipping the four paws in the water - never more than that...

Milton likes his country home.


  1. This post reminded me of a book I recently read... "The Art of Racing in the Rain"... the book reminded me to let a dog enjoy his life as a dog. A must read for a dog lover! Although I cried my eyes out!

  2. looks like he's growing pretty big already!