Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Milton the Goldendoodle Visits the Vet

Since Milt joined our little family on June 1st, he has visited the veterinarian twice.  I was not available to attend either visit, so yesterday was finally my turn, and I was intent on documenting the experience in film.

Vet visit

This was a watershed veterinary visit because Milton received his final parvovirus shot!  This is exciting news for us because parvo is a deadly puppy disease which generally affects pups between six weeks to six months old and is not lethal to older dogs.  The virus is highly contagious and spread through fecal matter.  If your pup contracts it, he or she will quickly develop the symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and loss of appetite.  If the warning signs are not quickly responded to, a dog will become severely dehydrated and can die within a few days.  A dog is only partially, not fully, protected until he has received the final dose of four shots. 

Grand-Nan and the Milt patiently waiting for Milt's turn

Milton was a little scared once he was in the exam room

When Milt first came home, we only let him potty, walk, and play in restricted areas because unvaccinated dogs, like strays or dogs with irresponsible owners, can spread it.  The virus can fester up to one year on the ground, so we carefully monitored everything Milt put in his mouth to make certain that he was not munching on poop that could be contaminated.  Sometimes Milton likes to munch on poop, which I understand is very normal for dogs, but it is still a complexing matter for me to grasp.
Milton was a good boy for Dr. Tuero

Now that Milt is safe and sound, we can be much more relaxed in walking him around our apartment complex or on our local Katy Trail.  Most importantly, we can start taking Milt to the dog park.  He is such a social fellow that he really has been missing out on creating some new friendships.
Milton getting his shot.  He didn't cry at all!
Creamsicle.  Post-vet treat for Momma and Grand-Nan.  Milton ordered a big bowl of water.


  1. YAY to being safe from doggie diseases!

  2. Love your blog... found you attached to Stroodles Doodles. our doodle arrives Monday or Tuesday of coming week from Niki and Stroodles Doodles.
    In the Wall Street Journal today, Saturday, August 4 is an article on Milton Friedman... good reading and know you will appreciate it. Read it outloud to your Milton!
    Linda Halbouty Colorado Springs.

    1. Hi Linda!

      Thank you so much for reading. We love our little Milton from Stroodles Doodles. We received him on June 1st from Oklahoma. He has been a complete delight! Let me know if you have any questions on potty training, sleeping, feeding, etc. We learned a lot about this little guy!

      Yes, we will definitely read the article. Thank you for sharing, and please keep on reading!