Monday, July 16, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

When Milton and I left for New York, Jeff explicitly stated, "My dog better not come home with any bad habits."  See, Jeff has trouble saying our dog, and he thinks my discipline skills are sorely lacking.  I concede; he could be right. 

While away, I stupidly allowed Milton to climb up on my good friend, Anny's, futon while we watched a movie.  The Milt was all sweet, cute, and cuddly, but a bad habit was brewing.  If you all recall, Jeff and I have a strict rule that no Miltons are allowed on the furniture.  In my defense, this was not our furniture but someone else's furniture.  Obviously, this would never correspond to the Milt climbing up on our couch, recliner, etc.  I was dead wrong.

Naughty Milton

Later that week, I caught Milton in the act at my mom's house.  I walked into the living room, and there he was on top of the sofa all sprawled out, wagging his tail with a big doggie grin on his face (see the above picture).  Now we are back home in Dallas, and we are really hoping that Milton will leave this undesirable penchant for furniture up North.  Well, this morning, we spied the Milt atop our leather couch, so he might need a little help kicking the addiction.  Don't worry; we'll help him through this every step of the way.

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