Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Public Service Announcement

A pretty hefty fine
Now I don't want to point any fingers, but there are some people in this world (I hope you are not one of them) who do not clean up after their dog.  When your dog goes potty outside, it is your responsibility to pick up your pet's cow pie.  If you don't, his or her poop sits there festering for days with flies buzzing on top it, and dogs like my Milton, poop munchers, come along and gobble up your dog's excrement.  Then there are owners, like me, who have to shove their hands halfway down their dog's throat to pull out your dog's feces.  My hand reeks for the rest of the day despite multiple washings with fruity-smelling soap.  Subsequently, I am worried that my dog will develop some vile disease from your dog's nasty droppings.  You tell me, is your act of negligence really fair to the rest of the pet/human population?  No.  Pick up your dog's meadow muffin.  It is not difficult.  You can even be fined if you don't.

If you live in an apartment complex, you most likely have handy dandy doggie bag dispensers throughout the grounds (see the below).  Biodegradable bags are provided, at no extra cost, for your use.  So, use them.
Pretty nifty
If you are out walking on the street, carry your own bags to pick up your pet's refuse. Bags are compact, portable, and can spare you the embarrassment of simply walking away, amidst the gaping stares of the public, after your dog craps in the street. I even have lavender scented ones.

 Earth Rated PoopBags Biodegradable Bags Refill Pack

Oh, and one more thing, this goes out to the litterers among us - the ones who throw ant covered chicken bones, half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy wrappers, etc., etc., etc.  Dogs will ingest anything and everything.  Stop throwing your garbage in the street.  We all pay taxes to provide for trash receptacles throughout city and town streets.  Take advantage and try them out.

Thank you for reading.  Now put it into action.

For a bit of levity in such a serious post: a goldendoodle and a teddy bear

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