Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Whimsical Wednesday

Each and every time Milton kerplunks off the dock, wildly paddling after his tennis ball, my mom remarks, "Milton's a good jumper."  Well, it's the truth.  He is, mostly, but not every single time.  With Milton, similar to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the pitch needs to be just right in order for him to take the flying leap. If the thrown ball lands too close to the dock, too far from the dock, on the left side of the dock, etc., etc., etc. this dood ain't jumpin'.  Milton will groan and moan looking up at you with sorrowful eyes and aggravated butt wiggling wondering why you threw such a pitiful pitch quite similarly to a batter who refuses to swing at a wayward ball.  Impatiently pacing with an incredulous look, Milton will demand that you, yes you, the thrower, get in after that ball because after all, it was you who basically messed up.  I have one word for you -- spoiled.  Most dogs would be catapulting off the dock after each and every toss, no exception, tongues lolling out, wet fur flapping, but here is our goldendoodle standing on the sideline critiquing pitches. Oh boy.  He must get it from... me.

It does take just a little bit of prompting, but Milt will eventually jump in there after that darn ball.  First and foremost in life, Milt's an athlete, and tennis ball is his sport.  He's just stuck with me this summer as an inadequate teammate, but to quote Nike, "Milt, just do it."

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