Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sensational Sunday

I obviously know that today is not Saturday, particularly because this post is entitled "Sensational Sunday," but on a side note from yesterday, Saturdays in our household are for... garage sales!

Milt and Mom all ready to go!

You see with garage saling, you have the ability to find some pretty fantastic items that you just might not be able to purchase anywhere else:

I know that Jeff is inwardly groaning as he looks at this pair!  

I was thrilled to find a Mr. and Mrs. Claus set that will look just darling on our kitchen table this December. As Macklemore says, "But it was $.99!"  Similarly, these were only $3.00.  Who could possibly resist that deal?!

However, the very best part of our little early morning trips is doughnuts from Cameron's!

Apple fritters are my favorite!

Each week I really do look forward to Saturday sales.  Time spent with Mom and Milt in the car is priceless, and the doughnuts, well, I just can't say enough about those tasty little suckers!

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