Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tremendous Tuesday

Sometimes it is just too darn easy to get distracted.  During the school year, I am often reminded of that downfall of mine because I simply can't crank out work (lesson plans, paper grading, etc.), like I used to be able to when I was younger.  Perhaps my attention level began to wear thin during grad school, but when I set my mind to something, I always get it done albeit more slowly.

Case in point, the other evening the family all joined us for a barbecue, and characteristically, we ended the night with a pinata!  The favors included bouncy balls, and Milton was quite riveted (distracted, like his Momma) by each and every single bounce...

When you have a penchant for tennis balls, I suppose bouncy balls easily get looped into that category as well.  The world is full of wonders for our goldendoodle, Milt.


  1. He has honed that skill for some time. He is anticipating the moment when Dave bounces the ball for Milt to catch.

    1. Milt's just happy that Uncle Dave is playing with him! I slipped that leash on his wrist and subsequently walked away...!

  2. I wonder what he'd do if he saw a yoga ball!