Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Terrific Tuesday!

Lately I seem to be more of a casual observer of life rather than an active participant.  In my opinion, Jeff and I fell into a funk this past year of dining out much too much (Dallas has amazing restaurants!), which is always fun, but we seemed to have lost that crucial piece of trying new things.  Upon arrival to New York for the summer, I thought I would make a much needed change with my normal routine.  The main objective, quite honestly, is to meet up with friends and family to do things besides sitting around a table and eating.  For example, play mini-golf, and if ice cream just so happens to be present, grab a cone, but don't go mini-golfing merely for the sweet treat at the end. 

Case in point, why does this post open with a picture of myself dining with a friend and Mom?  Well, that was the byproduct of visiting the Ithaca Dog Park.  I could have been lazy and just thrown ball with Milt in our yard, but instead I made the point to drive an hour away with both Mom and Milt, meet with my close friend, Ashley, to visit a new dog park venue (I always love to check them out!), and then and only then eat dinner out.  It was quite the enjoyable day!

The BoatYard Grill - This restaurant holds sweet college memories for me - If you ever visit, definitely order the sizzling cookie for dessert!

Our fourth dinner guest!

Interesting enough, Ashley had never visited a dog park before, quite possibly because she does not own a dog...!  It was an eye-opening experience for her that's for sure.

Ithaca Dog Park

Our Dallas dog park does not have boxes like these, but what a beneficial idea!

Only in Ithaca...!

Two acres to roam

Happiest with a ball in mouth


Typical - "Happy as a pig in mud."

I think this is a fantastic idea as well!

Now that we have visited dog parks in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and New York, I guess you could say that Jeff and I are becoming connoisseurs.  Some people might take pride in being connoisseurs of fine wine or imported cheeses, but Jeff and I, well, we know a good dog park when we see one.

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