Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This truly is a Thankful Thursday.  Having grown up on the lake, I always took an awful lot of things for granted: the ability to run down to the water's edge on a hot summer's day to take a refreshing dip; the ease of hopping into my kayak and paddling around to view the brightly changing leaves on the trees; or the opportunity to haul my laser out to attempt sailing yet again.  Now living in Dallas, to do things like this, I need to either ask a friend or pay to rent, unfortunately.

With only three weeks left up North, I am grabbing "lake life" happiness with both hands to sustain me for my upcoming stint in the city.  Dallas does certainly have its many, many perks as well, but it is a completely different type of citified enjoyment composed of frequently dining out, attending countless yoga classes, and taking in the latest festival, play, or movie that comes to town.  I suppose you can't always have the best of both worlds, but I do attempt to switch off between the two as much as possible.

On that note, here are some pictures of a recent sunset boat ride as I commemorate my time here:

Whoosh -- full-body wind!

Visiting Mom and me in the bow of the boat

Getting a little too brazen in the bow

Cruising back into home

Sunset swim to cap off the night

I am woefully nostalgic, so I tend to struggle with change.  When I left Jeff and Dallas for the summer, I was sad to go, and now I am equally sad to return.  As a kid, I always liked the idea of taking all of my favorite people, dropping them on a sunny island somewhere, and all of us living together in happy bliss there.  Now this childish muse seems rather silly, but geographical location can prove to be rather challenging in maintaining strong bonds with family and friends.  Nevertheless, as Jeff and I always say to one another, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder."  I think it certainly makes you appreciate more the special time that you do have when together.

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  1. Great pictures on the lake! I totally know what you mean about wanting everyone to live on an island together. Beautiful sentiment about distance.