Monday, July 14, 2014

Marvelous Monday

One of my major bucket list items was happily fulfilled this past winter when my brother Dave took me up in his helicopter!  I had always wanted to fly in a copter, and when Dave just so happened to purchase one, it was simply serendipity!

Grinning away

Well, my bucket list item has been checked off, but I can still dream, and I have a little dream of getting Milt up in a chopper someday.  I thought this would be completely impossible because when I flew with Dave, he was very stern that I should not move a muscle lest I knock, bump, or basically destroy any important device necessary to keep us safe and sound up in the air.  Then at our Fourth of July party, I was speaking with Dave's buddy, Duane, and he told me that he's flown with his dog before, so now I'm thinking, Why not Milt too?

I suppose there is still hope for our goldendoodle to get a true bird's eye view from a whirligig someday too!

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