Monday, October 1, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

Saturday evening we joined some good friends for a BBQ.  When we received the initial invite, I asked, "What can we bring besides the Milt?"  Somehow I always manage to wheedle the Milt into all of our social activities.  Despite the torrential downpour all day Saturday, I thought it was still a good idea to bring him.

Since these are very close friends, they didn't renege on their inclusiveness; however, as soon as we arrived, it was clear that Milt dog was just too wet to remain inside.  So, we had to kick him out with their two terriers who are not altogether fond of our doodle.  Oddly enough, Milt usually likes the rain, but when it was a deluge of water on a stormy night, and he was stuck outside when the rest of his pack is inside, he was not too happy as is evident by the picture below even though you can't hear his whiny squeals.  

Wet dog

After the fifth or sixth time Milton beseeched us at the window, we actually did bring the party outside to join the boys.  We are not quite as poor at parenting as we may seem!

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