Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Puppy Photo Album!

Milton is still on a steady schedule of three days daycare, two days off and loving it!  In the early morning, the Milt drags Jeff inside daycare and leaves him without a backward glance.  Likewise, when I pick him up, he runs out, hardly looks at me, and hops in the car promptly shutting his eyes and falling asleep for the short ride home.  Why is the Milt dog so tired?  What goes on at daycare?  Well, here's a little explanation gained through a conversation I had with a daycare employee taking home his dog, a medium-sized Rottweiler, at the end of the day:

Me:  "Oh, what a cute dog!  I noticed you training her yesterday when I picked up Milton.  You are really working hard with her.  Does she ever play with Milt in the yard?"

Man with Rottweiler:  "No, my dog doesn't like to 'wrassle.' "

Uh huh, and that is why Milton is always filthy towards day end and needs the daycare people to hose him off, brush him out, and cage dry him.

Getting down and dirty

Exploring the playground

Sweet boy

When I pick up Milton, I inevitably ask:

Me:  "Did Milton need a bath today?"

Most of the time, I get this response:

Heather, Daycare Lady:  "Yes, he got really dirty today.  Your dog sure likes the mud."

To this response, I always assume Heather thinks I am upset that my dog was filthy when, in actuality, I do not like when the conversation goes something like this:

Me:  "Did Milton need a bath today?"

Heather, Daycare Lady:  "No, he actually stayed pretty dry."

Me:  "Oh." [In my head, silently to myself - "Then he must not have had much fun..."]

We gotta love our dirty, little doodle!

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