Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Calendar Boy 2013?

The Milt and I are proud members of the awesome doodle website - Doodle Kisses (  DK's slogan is, "Where Doodle Owners Can Connect," and that is certainly the truth as I have met two very good Dallas friends through this site.  The website features photographs and videos, blogs (I post there too, and it is a wonderful support system!), upcoming events, and my favorite, discussion forums and groups.  These forums have been amazingly helpful in answering some of my most pressing, embarrassing, ridiculous questions regarding the Milt.  Such a vast collection of doodle owners provides a wealth of knowledge for all of us newbies. 

Every year DK comes out with four doodle calendars - doodle puppies, goldendoodles, labradoodles, and mixed doodles, from photographs that the members submit.  As soon as I caught wind of the calendar frenzy, I wanted our Milton in!  The only trouble is this contest has some very strict rules regarding the pictures because high quality must shine through.  Of course I have a million and one photos of the Milt, but many are full body with a distracting leash amidst a messy background.  The calendar is looking for glamor shots - landscaped up close facials that would ultimately make for phenomenal calendar spreads.

So, what is a girl to do?  I enlisted the help of my good friend and star photographer, Alicia.  She and her supportive husband, Alan, met the Milt and me one afternoon at a local park where we shot and shot again for a solid hour.  Alicia's patience and Milton's concentration (due to all his daddy's training) were both outstanding!  We arrived home, and Milton took a very long nap which tends to prove that sometimes mental stimulation can be equally as taxing as physical.  To check out Alicia's other amazing photographs and perhaps book her one day soon, please visit the site below:

Now scroll on down through Alicia's handiwork, and please do send some positive thoughts our way that one of the below will be picked for the upcoming 2013 Doodle Calendar!  The results should be known in just a few more weeks...!  Milton has been waiting in eager anticipation - no, wait - that's me!


My personal favorite


  1. I was hoping to submit Stan for one of the calendars but the photos I was taking were a bit too artsy and not calendar worthy. I LOVE the photo where The Milt is off-center and there is a blurry building in the background, it’s very Einsteinesque – a commencement robe would be perfect in this photo, but they won’t like that as you see mostly head and he’s not centered. He really pops out of the picture in the one where he is standing and glancing to the right but I have to agree that he looks STINKIN’ cute sitting on those stone steps! I hope he makes the calendar as I plan on purchasing one for my office.

    I was going to DK frequently but my ADD mind can’t take all that stimulation. I have a couple favorite people there that I will go stalk but then the ADD kicks in and I start to cry. LOL

    Alicia is very talented, you're lucky to have her close by. My foyer wall would be COVERED with dog photos if I were better at taking photos than I am.

  2. The blurry building is my favorite too (I framed it), Goob, along with Milt sitting on the stairs! These photos are awesome, but now I need a Christmas shot to make a card! It's everything doodle this holiday season.

  3. Good for you but of course how could you not? I hope he makes the calendar!