Thursday, September 27, 2012


When asked to describe Milton, one of the first words that pops into my mind is, "helpful."  Yes, our boy is just plain helpful.  For example, he guards our front door, not by barking like a watchdog would, but by using a full out sprawl to body block the door.  Helpful, indeed.  Likewise, our goldendoodle is in charge of exercise in our home and drags his Momma and Daddy out on "forced fun marches."  Not to mention he is a virtual alarm clock, not during the week, but rather on the weekend.  The Milt doesn't want us to waste any precious time sleeping.

Most of all, Milton is Momma's little helper in the kitchen.

Don't worry - Milt only gets to lick dog friendly spoons, like pumpkin.

What would we ever do without him...?  We would probably have a little more money, but that is beside the point.  We gotta love being dog owners, especially proud parents of a Milt.


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    Stanlee is very helpful as well; he cleans out the cat's food bowl to make sure no scary bugs come around to frighten mommy. What brave and wonderful pup they are!