Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seasonal Treats

Milt is like a child to us, so when he has been a good boy, I like to reward him.  This is especially true when Milton has been home alone bored all day while I am at school.  A housebound dog necessitates a trip to Petco after work to alleviate some of the stress after a long, hard day of solitude.  On that note, all Halloween toys are 50% of at Petco, so get them while they are hot!

Maybe your pup needs one of these too - only $5!

After a good ten minutes of indecision, Milt finally decided on Frankenstein.  This monster is the ideal toy because his body is a tennis ball, and he has long legs to tug on - a winning combination!

Two terrors playing together!

Cuddling up with his new purchase

If you are a major fan of the holiday season, Christmas toys have already hit the shelves too, so get going. Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair of reindeer antlers for Milt to wear in our holiday photo?  Our doodle's first Christmas will be a special one!

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